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Day 2 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Day 2 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Jan 17, 2010

So last night I take out my dell laptop and mac book and realize I left both chargers for them at home, FUCK. Not only that but I left my 300 dollar calf skin shoes made for fatties like me at home. Time to hunt down a Casual Male Big and Tall. So after getting around and making a movie for you guys of our suite Jordie and I headed on over to grab a new pair of shoes and pick up a rental car to putz around in till Monday.

We come back to the suite and no sooner did that happen my boy BOFU (in the pic on the left) called me said he was in town. We made plans for lunch over at the rio so we could grab passes for ASW at 4pm. So I’m leaving Palms Place and my buddy Ricdes and Ben show up at the hotel so I take them up and we chill for a bit before we head on over to the rio. Over at the rio we do our thing get our passes go through the bag of schwag and find the hidious can of verve throw up. This shit is awful, like horrible, this ain’t going anywhere and this is the second time they have included it in the sch-wag bag and the worse part is the sugar free stuff. Seriously it tastes like throw up.  I’m gonna stick to redbull. So we decided to go to the seafood buffet at the rio for lunch/dinner but whats this BOFU doesn’t do seafood. What a jew that doen’t eat seafood? OK OK little back story, the guy is from Maryland and was force fed seafood as a kid living so close to the bay so he’s gotten sick of it.

So while waiting in the lobby of the rio trying to figure out what to do Blue Hat Seo and his gf roll up and so did a bunch of other aff’s like Conv3rsion from wickedfire. Se we mingle and talk for a little but then meet up with BLUE RAP, Enigmabomb, and Brentener and we all head over to the startdust for dinner at TGI Fridays. So we all get over to TGI and we walk into the casino and let me tell you I never seen so many old people at a casino in my life other than the stratosphere and some of the older casinos downtown, waitresses were haggard too. So a good time was had by all and it was cool to catch up and meet some people from WF and the channel.

So after dinner Jordie and I head back to our suite and Bryan, Cody, and Brandon are there from along with my buddy Billy and his girlfriend Caroline. So we all grabbed a couple drinks and kicked back a few while we all caught up and checked out the view of the vegas skyline from the balconies. After that it was getting late so we basically called it a night and I headed over to my room across the hall and went to bed.

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