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Day 3 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Day 3 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Jan 18, 2010

Woke up on sunday around 9:30 took a shower and got ready for the day.  Let me tell you I love soaking tubs. the tub in our room was huge. I grabbed the ipod clock radio from beside the bed, plugged it in the bathroom and threw a playlist on and got ready for the day. After I found this combination of how to wake up and get ready for the day I think i did this every day I was in vegas. If you can afford to get your pass early the day before go and do it, it beats the long lines and you don’t have to wait with every other person who flew in sunday and rushed to get their passes.

Started off the day by going over to the Wynn and saw George and Laura of Get Ads and talked with them a bit about possibly doing some business together. I went to leave the Wynn and went to valet to hop into the car and no sooner that I did that I got a phone call from Nick Mattern that he just arrived at the airport. I told him I was out in the car and I’d swing buy and pick him up so I drove to the airport. Now Nick,aka BBWOLF the former owner of WFReview, was staying with us as well in the suite at Palms Place. We headed back to the Palms place so he could settle into the suite as well.

We all then headed over to the conference to walk around the meet market and see who was there etc. The first room was fucking packed. I mean it was like elbow to elbow. I saw a couple companies I knew and some I didn’t. I did see a new company that is trying to take over tracking202’s space and be the next prosper. I wasn’t having it so I won’t mention their names but my man Wes Mahler has developed a good product over the years and I seen good things come from him and his team. I can’t wait to see what develops with them and Bloosky now.

Since this room was getting congested we went to the bigger room down the hall for the meet market. I Stopped by the Azoogle and Shareasale table and said whats up. I also saw Jason, Jay Kim, and Roger from Ads4Dough and was looking forward to their party they were throwing later that night. Bryan, Cody, and Brandon from Sybarite was walking around, so was EWA and met them and said hi. I saw alot of good faces that I haven’t seen in a long time walking around the meet market. It was good to catch up to see how everyone was doing that day that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Now tonight was the night for parties there were so many. There was the copeac party, a4d party, XY7 had a football party during the day, and shareasale party.

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