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Day 4 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Day 4 In Vegas At Affiliate Summit West 2010

Jan 19, 2010

Officially day 1 of Affiliate Summit. I got up did my new morning ritual with the tub and shit to get ready for the booths and meeting people. Ricardo, Ben, Jordie, and me all headed over to the show. I guess Nick got up early to meet with some friends that morning.

The floor was buzzing with people left and right. I decided to make a pattern of walking around the floor to meet people. First I hit was the table they had some cool shit like headphones, later I found out they suck sound wise but nice try. I walked around and hit up azoogles booth, C2m, Mundo Medias, Getads, and mingled with some other people. It was nice to meet some networks face to face again. it had been a long time. I also got some face time with Jay Kim, Jason, and Roger from a4d. I haven’t seen those guys in such a long time. Jason and I had a beef at the end of last year during adtech london but that was squashed as it ended up being a big misunderstanding. Jason is really a stand up guy and I was glad we were able to put things in the past and move forward.

So before I even got into the show I saw my am Wynonia from MediaTrust in the lobby but she was meeting with an affiliate and I said I’d catch up but wasn’t able to. Well now that we were back at Palms Place she texted me and I told her we were back at the suite and told her to come up and I’d show her around. Well after she got there ricardo, ben, jordie, me, wynonia, and Justin dupree aka Hyperion went carting at pole position that is directly right below Palms Place. Good time was had by all but I was told my ricardo a fattie going 45 mph in a cart was funny as hell.

So after the carting session at pole position we decided to get ready for the evening festivities. We headed over to the palms by way of the skywalk and headed over to the interact 202 meeting where I met wes mahler and ian fernando. I talked with ian about a couple things and caught up with him since I last saw him at affiliate summit in nyc. It was good seeing him again. I also met a couple other people there who I might be doing some business with in the future. One guy I met I knew by his tracking link. Isn’t that what its like sometimes, oh your blank blank lol. I know in the pic on the right I look a little toasted but I mean wth its free right, some say I look like the asian version of big black.

So after the 202 party we headed upstairs to the adsdirect party located in the g suite of the palms. Now this party was awesome. I’m not gonna say what went on but a good time was had by all including another affiliate that had some extra fun but we won’t go there and what happens in vegas stays in vegas. Nate had done it right and throughout the suite was tons of sushi that he had brought in for everyone to eat as well as an open bar. Everyone had a good time.

Well I went to find jordie and he was downstairs playing roulette. We then headed up to the azoogle party but apparently we were 30 mins early and they were still setting up. The bunny girls were walking in from the dressing rooms and stuff.  I spoke to my girl Audrey who was dressed to the 9 and said hello to her. I hadn’t seen her in a while I think it was adtech london since I last saw her. They were getting setup with the dj and getting the open bar ready so we headed back downstairs.

So we left and went back downstairs to gamble a little. So I was hanging out and Ricardo and Ben were playing roulette. I look over and Jeremy aka shoemoney was playing roulette with some buddies at the table next to us waiting for the azoogle party to start. I asked him how he’s doing and how the new shoemoney system was going and he filled me in. I haven’t seen jeremy in a while since I think ase in nyc at the penthouse party sybarite threw. Jeremy told me about a guy that they fly out as a winner to asw and he put all his moeny down on blackjack all 2500 but I’ll let you watch the video below to find out what happened.

Betting $2,500 On One Hand of Blackjack from John Chow on Vimeo.


So after talking with Jeremy for a little we headed on over to the fantasy towers elevators and got our bracelets for the azoogle and mundo media party. While there I saw Victoria from mundo media and caught up with her a little since I had seen her the night before at the a4d party at Rhino. We chilled for a little and then headed up to the mundo media party. Mundo media had rented the kingpin suite and if you don’t know the kingpin suite at the palms has two yes two bowling lanes in it. They also had some girls that were body painted and were the “mundo media” girls. Jordie and I just kept bowling the whole entire night. Mundo also hired some gogo dancers that were having a good time as well. Overall I liked the party it was more relaxed and less corporate.


I then headed up to the azoogle party at the hefner suite with Jordie Ricardo and Ben. There was a little problem at the door but Audrey took care of it. She’s my girl and set the bouncer straight. Booya I’m in lets go get some drinks and have a good time. Apparently azoogle hired a bunch of girls in cocktail dresses and shit who were running around as well as some playboy bunnies. We go outside to take pics of the playboy bunny pool and Ben and Ricardo decide to hop into it in their underwear. Crazy europeans lol. We walked around the suite it was pretty cool. I saw my am there from plenty of fish and talked with her outside for a little bit and then left.


Through the whole night we were hopping back and forth from the azoogle party to the mundo media party. We had an awesome time and want to thank azoogle and mundo media for the awesome time. It was getting late so we decided to head back to the suite to get some zzz for the next day.


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  1. great meeting up man! I should have bowled against you at the Mundo! but drunk people always getting in the way.

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