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American Express Platinum and choosing something to buy with the points…..

American Express Platinum and choosing something to buy with the points…..

Feb 11, 2010

American Express Platinum is the card I use for my business, EDK Innovations Inc. and is the sole card I use. I know alot of affiliate marketers like to use the starwood card, plum card, gold card, or even the exclusive black card(no not the visa ripoff one). Over the past couple months I’ve racked up a couple hundred thousand points using this card. Last time I went and bought something using my points I got the best macbook pro they had in the reward area.

Now by nature I’m a pc guy all the way but I noticed alot of affiliate marketers were using macs. I myself have worked on macs and fixed macs in my previous jobs working for the government before I became an affiliate marketer but I have never actually USED one. I figured if I don’t like it I can always sell it.

Anyway I want to get something but I don’t know what to get. I mean they have a fridge I can get that’s 385,000 points and its right there on the front page but what do I need a fridge for?

Or what about a new tv? I currently got my hd projector setup in the office which is supposed to go into the theater in the basement but its not finished yet. Maybe a tv at my new offline business? Hmm think about that one….

I know what about some more monitors lol I could always use those…

I dunno we’ll see, what do you think I should get?


  1. I think you should get your mother-in-law something nice. :) lol

  2. Yo Boi Chi /

    Get exercise equipment to help with the diabetes

  3. Your Wife /

    No more monitors!

  4. Yo Boi Chi /

    -Buy some monitors and setup a surveillance system
    -Save the points for xmas
    -Or a fridge for your offline businesses

  5. You could always buy yourself a bowflex

  6. how about getting your parents some thing maybe a flat screen for their bedroom. Ha Ha

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