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Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap is the soap of affiliate marketers

Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap is the soap of affiliate marketers

Feb 7, 2010

This soap is just one word, awesome. After taking a shower with this stuff you feel so invigorated its not even funny. You wake up and use this soap in the morning and you feel like you can tackle any campaign throughout your day seriously its that good. You can use it for washing your hair as a body wash etc. The smell is so powerful it feels it opens my nasal passages in the morning when mixed with the steam from taking a shower. This soap after you use it makes your body tingle as well. It doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue at all and you feel clean unlike some other soaps out there. Some soaps make you smell girly and shit like tat but not this stuff. I highly recommend it or to at least try it. It comes in different sizes so if you are hesitant try a small bottle first the one I bought was only 7 bucks for like a 16 oz bottle. It can be bought at if you can’t find it near you.


  1. johnysc430 /

    yo no joke, I thought I was the only one up on this shit.

  2. Morgan /

    I know the shits so awesome. You feel so refreshed after a shower.

  3. they have it in bar form…and it is awesome as well. you can get it at any natural foods store or Whole Foods

  4. Haha my dad has been on this shit for years. He loves it.

  5. Isn’t the label on that soap ridiculous?

  6. yeah it is, I’m still not done reading the label lol.

  7. chaoz /

    just bought it @ amazon ;p hope you are right 😉

  8. Yes, it is a great soap. If you haven’t already, try the almond.

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