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Funny how money changes some people. How hiring friends can sometimes ruin friendships.

Funny how money changes some people. How hiring friends can sometimes ruin friendships.

Feb 5, 2010

A recent friend of mine just fired an employee, who happened to be his friend. Sometimes its hard walking a fine line of that boss and friend relationship especially if you have had a couple years of friendship between your new employee and yourself. This particular employee was caught stealing from a spare change container but the container contained dollar and two dollar coins. Over the course of several weeks this new employee was stealing and was finally caught on camera. Its estimated that he took over 200 dollars over that time period. I myself have helped out friends in need by having them do stuff for me when needed or loaning them money but I have never actually hired any. Friendships are far and few in this business and making friendships outside our affiliate marketing social circles considering what we do. Not many people can understand our jobs and the amount of mental work we do on a daily basis. Affiliate marketing is never a 9-5 job since money never sleeps. In the grand scheme of things I’d rather help a friend than hire one. Money changes people and I’ve seen it too many times. I’ve always been humble and down to earth and money hasn’t changed me but my tastes have. In conclusion before you consider hiring a friend and letting them step into the world you know as affiliate marketing take a step back and ask yourself would money change them and is it a friendship you’d risk losing.

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  1. I’ve been burned before, mixing friendship and business. I foolishly lent a friend $7,000.


    I’d like to make a rule to never mix friendship and business But that wouldn’t make sense. A lot of startups are done by two friends, or at the very least, two people that respect each other.

    That’s probably the key. Respect. Though I’m not sure how that would apply in a employer-employee relationship.

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