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If you haven’t been to the doctor lately please go….I have diabetes

If you haven’t been to the doctor lately please go….I have diabetes

Feb 9, 2010

Well its been a couple years since I been to the doctor. I have a thyroid condition and I haven’t been taking my medicine and I should have been. I’m currently hypo-active but I was hyper-active in relation to my thyroid. I have insurance but I just been putting off going to the doctor. I haven’t been in 4 to 5 years. Yesterday I went for the first time in years. I ate lunch at noon and went to the doctor at 3pm got out and then went and had my blood drawn at 5pm. My doctor then called me at 7:30pm and asked if I was ok to which I said yeah why. She said my blood sugar was 418. If you take a look at the chart below my reading wasn’t even on the chart it was way off the charts. I felt fine but according to her I should have been going into shock or something. I’m not taking medication to control it but please if you haven’t been to the doctor in a while please go. I’m laughing at it now and trying to make the best of it but don’t take your health lightly.


  1. Your Wife /

    I’m glad you finally went. Now, if you take your medicine every day, i’ll really be glad. I don’t want to lose you.. I kind of like having you around, diabeetus boy.

    Love you.

  2. Sorry to hear bro… let me know if i can help u somehow

  3. need to go out and exercise broski

  4. I’m no model of perfect health so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. Ask your doctor if you can safely go 3 months of exercising and eating completely healthy to see if you can naturally turn it around. If he says yes, I would try that before jumping into medication because of 2 reasons

    1) When you start medication, usually your stuck with it for the rest of your life

    2) Side effects.

  5. If I lived closer I’d take 4 AM bikerides with you :(

  6. Wow that is scary. Start walking at least 30 minutes every day man. Stop staring at your monitors. Thats all it takes. Health > Money. You wont be able to enjoy any money when you’re in your death bed. Good luck brosky.

  7. My goodness boy…let’s get you fixed up quick!!!

  8. how long have we be telling you that you have to manage your own health,do what the wife says and go to the doctors more often. I only have one son/ love dad.

  9. wow that’s crazy

  10. Chris D /

    Like the saying goes you can have all the money and possessions in the world but if you don’t have your health you have nothing. Sadly it’s pretty true.
    I’d recommend you start eating eating 80%+ raw, uncooked foods, and taking some herbs to get your diabetes in check, don’t listen to your doctor those people just want another lifetime customer to slang their legalized crack to 😛
    I’ve cured myself of some pretty nasty chronic diseases that the medical industry deemed “incurable”, just eat 80% raw foods, start juicing and drink lots of water and green tea also take some herbs and yer diabeetus and many other health issues will be gone in no time. <- some good info
    Take your health in your own hands and start researching good luck!

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