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Week one down of having Diabetes and a cool iphone app for diabetics

Week one down of having Diabetes and a cool iphone app for diabetics

Feb 15, 2010

I’ve somewhat got it under control. I’ve changed my eating habits and I’ve been started on medication. I went to see the dietitian and the nurse last week to learn how to use a testing meter and know what I can/cannot eat as well as how much. Every time I took my glucose level I had to write it down and it started becoming a pain trying to find a pen or keeping a pen with me and writing down on a piece of paper so I searched the app store on my iphone and found Glucose Buddy. Its a cool little app that lets me track everything and considering I have to test my sugar level about 5-7 times a day it was a godsend. If you look at the graph below courtesy of the glucose buddy app you can see how with a little control of my diet and the medication I’ve been able to drop my glucose level and slowly bring it down to safe levels over the course of a couple days.


  1. Wow! thats great that its that low in a week. Have you noticed a difference in the way you feel? Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah I do feel a little different, I’m not tired after I eat which is good. I do have a little more energy as well.

  3. Keep it up bro, you’re doing great.

  4. Thanks man I’m trying….

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