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Automation Series Part Two: JitBit Macro Recorder and getting started

Automation Series Part Two: JitBit Macro Recorder and getting started

Mar 1, 2010

Ok class ready to take notes? Let me apologize in advance to mac users as I use pc’s for mostly everything I do. Yes I do have a macbook pro but I use that for mostly stat checking and stuff while I’m away. These programs are for pc’s and unless you install vmware or parallels on your mac you won’t be able to follow this tutorial.

Jitbit macro recorder is a really basic macro recorder that allows you to carry out simple simple tasks that don’t require very specific trigger events. Now as I discussed in my earlier post in part one a macro is basically a set of mouse and keyboard commands that are played in a particular order. Now for this first tutorial we are gonna go over submitting some ads to facebook using jitbit macro recorder. Now I know that there is already things like facebook ad manager out there that does some stuff like this but I’m using facebook because almost everyone has a facebook account and by following this tutorial you can apply it to other social media networks.

Now if you look below you can see a general overview of JitBit. What we are going to focus on is the “start recording” button. Whats gonna happen is when you press this Jitbit is gonna start recording all your keyboard and mouse movements and keys pressed.




Now to start we are going to open up firefox and go to facebook but make sure you maximize firefox to the screen. Don’t login to facebook yet we want to record this step. Now before you click “start recording” remember when you go up to the browser to enter in make sure you click and highlight the whole url for your default homepage. By doing this if the macro messes up due to lag or something it won’t messup typing the url in and fuck up the whole process before its even started. Now what we are going to do now is click “start recording” and you want to go up to the address bar highlight the address and type in then go down and enter in your login and pass and click login. Once you are logged into facebook count to 3 and hit scroll lock to end the macro capture. The reason why I count to 3 is cause sometimes your internet might lag and by counting to 3 it eliminates problems with the macro messing up again. it basically gives it time to catch up say if you are downloading something or watching hulu and streaming videos etc. You should be logged into facebook now and your jitbit should look like the screen below. Now you are going to save this macro as facebooklogin or something similar to a place you can remember.









For our example we are going to make one of those “Do you have a girlfriend” dating ads you see all over facebook. So now we are going to create a folder on your desktop called fb ads or something similar and add a pic in it. I suggest a cute girl, more face the better and try to stay away from too much cleavage. Facebook doesn’t like cleavage even though I do :).  Now go back to facebook and create a new ad and go to upload a pic and go to the folder you created on your desktop and select the image you want to use and the info/targeting but when you get down to “campaigns and pricing info” section create a campaign called “girlfriend” and give it a budget and submit it. After you submit it go and pause the campaign. If you are submitting a bunch of ads you don’t want them going live while you are sleeping or watching a movie or something.


Now time to hit the “start recording” button again. Now before you do that make sure you are on the “all campaigns”  page, also when you are entering in info on the ad page use the page down button don’t grab the bar on the right and drag it. Its easier for the macro to handle and going down a page is more consistent than trying to grab a bar with the mouse pointer and repeating that over and over again. Now hit the “start recording” button again and “create an ad” and go through and enter in the link and text for your ads as well as the targeting info, campaign name, budget, and cpc/cpm. When you hit submit and get to the “all campaigns” page again hit scroll lock to stop recording. Now what you want to do is go and click the button down at the bottom that has the green arrows and looks like a refresh button. That is the repeat or for programmers the loop button. When you click it you want to put in an “end repeat” command at the end of your instructions. Then click it again and put in a repeat command and enter in the number of times you want to create an ad and insert it into the code. Once its int he code you want to take it and put it at the very top of your code. It should basically look like the screen below.

Now time to save this macro to a file just incase you lose the commands. Now select all the commands by hitting ctrl a or the shift and click method and right click on the highlighted commands and cut them. Now go and open the first macro you saved and at the bottom of ti paste the instructiosn you just cut. Now save this as a new macro. After doing this you want to go and log out of facebook so you just have firefox maximized and you are logged otu of facebook. Now are you ready? Are you ready? Now you want to hit “play all” and watch the macro you just made go to work. That’s it you just created and ran your first macro. You might have to tweak it a little and redo your macro to get it to work right. You’ll notice some things that didn’t work just right with the macro like auto filled forms and misalignment of cursor points etc but you’ll work the bugs out.


In our next installment of our Automation Series we’ll be going over what to do if you have more than one image you want to upload for ads and if you have more than one link or ad text.





  1. Jones /

    For FB ads Id go with the fb Manager addon($200 i think) made for firefox.

  2. Morgan /

    yes I would too but a) some people don’t want to spend $200 an would rather spend $40 and b) i didn’t want to do this tutorial using “another” social network for the examples because they know of this blog and people have reported me to them for my use of macros. It sucks having accounts taken away cause people lied and said you bragged about using macros to upload ads.

  3. Jones /

    True good point

  4. Tipjar /

    video plz


  5. john /

    yes a video tutorial would be great as well. thanks! =)

  6. phrench /

    ^^ stfu, if you’re too stupid to figure it out that way, a video isn’t going to help you.
    i hate watching a 15min when i can read it in 2min.

    nice tutorial, morgan :)

  7. Morgan /

    Thanks man. Yeah for something like that a video would be ok but reading the instructions should be easy to handle.

  8. Dang with the people who reported you to the social media sites. That type of stuff is uncalled for and is one reason why I stop myself from having a blog or talking about anything.

    Good post, I have been using jitbit macro for almost a year and love it.

  9. Thanks for sharing.

    I would also recommend the FB Ad Manager. Its on Clickbank so if you go through your own aff link you actually only spend like $125 and have to wait 3 months to get your $75 back :)

  10. bill /

    Good tutorial, but I’d recommend changing the background from black to white and vice versa with the text. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s kinda hard to read. Either that, or increase the font.

  11. Good tutorial, automation is a big component of scaling your income up for sure.

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