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Business cards for affiliate marketers. What to know, where to get them, what to do about them.

Business cards for affiliate marketers. What to know, where to get them, what to do about them.

Mar 15, 2010

Adtech is coming up soon in San Francisco and the Ads4Dough Meet-Up is taking place in just under two weeks. One of the most important tools an affiliate marketer can have is a business card. A business card should represent your name or brand and what you do. Throughout many of the conferences I’ve been to I’ve seen so many crappy business cards or ones that just weren’t worth a shit. The worst type of card you could get or even pass out as an affiliate marketer is a metal business card. I mean come on the edges on that stuff is sharp and its usually poorly embossed or stamped. And frankly I’ve been cut by metal business cards being handed out by some douche walking the floor or something. You might think its cool but hey its not and all the ones I got went right into the trash. Just say no to metal cards it isn’t impressive and doesn’t work well for you if you are an affiliate.

Now my card, if you look above,  is double sided color and glossy.

First this is a bad thing and a good thing being glossy. Some people who you talk to at conferences especially network owners or affiliate managers talk to so many people its hard to remember every single person. Typically the people who you talk to at booths will take your card scribble something about you on it and then stick it with all the other cards in their badge holder. Shawn Collins has figured this out and provided everyone at the Affiliate Summits with large id holders which can take about 30-50 cards and hold them pretty well. Unless you pretty much know alot of people in the industry already and they know you by face and name then by all means get a double sided glossy card. But if you are just starting out or haven’t been to shows before its a good idea to stick to a card that allows people with pens to write on them. Not everyone has a sharpie to write on glossy cards and if its a metal card forget it.

Second this isn’t really a true affiliate card. This card I typically give clients around town and the website advertised is and was made for local business. Alot of people asked me what I do for a living and this card gave them a website that they could reference that had my talents on it hence this card. Why you might ask? Well frankly its hard to explain to some people what I do or explain to them what I do without them grasping it or just asking more and more questions. When I actually started going to shows and traveling alot this is what I brought with me. I really haven’t changed my card and its time for a well needed overhaul. Granted I’ve done alot of contract work for many many companies and my website explains some of the work I’ve done but I still love affiliate marketing and it has allowed me to be able to live my life and see the world.

I will be making new cards that basically reference my company name and my blog instead of the previous card you see above. Yes it will be glossy and double sided still and the reason for this is most networks I’m already with and most of the people in the industry know me already. I’ve been at many shows where I have had people come up to me and ask me if I’m HeavyT and ask me about my monitor setup and such. There have been other times when I introduce myself as Morgan Thomas and people look down at my badge, which always has HeavyT on it, and they put a name with the face and say “Oh you are HeavyT”.

Now as far as getting cards made I’ve used in the past for all my business cards I have had printed for me and other companies I have dealt with. I have 1k cards printed up full color back and front with uv gloss for 60 bucks shipped. You really can’t beat a deal like that. Overngith Prints are quick and do quality work. I’ve only really had one problem where things weren’t printed correctly and I had to have another batch sent out. They did take care of everything and sent me another 1k cards free of charge. So minus the mistakes I got about 1700 cards for 60$.


  1. Overnight prints seriously dropped the ball on my cards.

  2. Morgan /

    did you call them up and bitch? that what I did and I got an extra 1k cards.

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