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Some of the best firefox plugins for affiliate marketers.

Some of the best firefox plugins for affiliate marketers.

Mar 17, 2010

Over the years I’ve come to rely on different firefox plugins that help me in my daily routine as an affiliate marketer. Every plugin is used for different tasks or different abilities and I will explain them to you and what I use them for. Some of these you will find useful and some you might not but they have all been added to my list of adons for every computer I use.

1. Live Http Headers I use this plugin to see where links are redirecting to. It allows me to find tracking links, jump links, and whre offers are redirecting or where they are having problems.

2. Down Them All I use this program to download lots of images from a directory that may be open or from a page or website wehre I want to pull all images or a certain file type.

3. Snap Links Plus This nifty little plugin allows you to highlight a section of a webpage with links and open up every link in a new tab. I love this plugin I use it daily.

4. Unlinker Sorta does what snaplinks does but when you are on a forum that has alot of images linked you can right click and unlink them and it will open up all the images in the page you are on. Its really handy for some of those picture threads on wickedfire.

5. Telify This plugin turns any phone number on a webpage into a click-able link to use with skype and making calls. I use it alot when I want to call a phone number that is located on a website and don’t feel like grabbing my cell or making an overseas call.

6. And most important of all Morning Coffee. Morning coffee is a plugin where you can set tabs in your browser like a bookmark with tabs. Say every morning I wake up and open up a tab for prosper maybe 3 or 4 networks and a couple places where I’m doing media buys I can save each tab to Morning Coffee. Then instead of having to type each address in I just hit the morning coffee button and it automatically opens every one of the websites I marked in the same window on different tabs. You can also set it for different days of the week. Its an awesome plugin.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Morgan. I will definitely be letting some of our publishers know about these.

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