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Spend more time making money and less time refreshing stats with Stats Remote

Spend more time making money and less time refreshing stats with Stats Remote

Mar 4, 2010

Stats Remote located at is a program that runs in java on a mac and a pc that will log into all your affiliate accounts and update your stats every 15 minutes. Its a great program that I’ve been using for over 2 years now. They not only have some of the top affiliate network out there but they also carry alot of adult affiliate programs as well. Just to name a few it has Sybarite Elite, Convert 2 Media, Ads 4 Dough, Copeac, Azoogle, Advaliant, Ads Direct, Firelead, Gets Ads, etc etc. The best thing about this software is you can try it for free. It does happen to be subscription based though. I love this software and any new networks that popup just talk to your am and have them approve the account statsremote creates and you can have your stats updated with all your others in a week. Now I must mention this is a subscription based service but I’m happy overall. Its also nice to have when you have over 10 accounts at some networks to seperate campaigns or just when you have alot of accounts ;). It doesn’t use alot of resources and I can tell you at one point I did have over 100 accounts loaded up in it and it ran fine without a hiccup. Below are some screens of what it looks like (this is the screen from their website and not my stats).


  1. Daehee /

    Yeah I remember reading about this application a couple years ago. Looks like it’s definitely worth checking out again.

  2. Morgan /

    Yeah its awesome, I haven’t had any complaints with it at all.

  3. Bad ass little program. I have a macro that opens up all my stats, but this is way better.


  4. Hey Morgan, is this a keyword tracking level solution or just high level totals by campaign name?

    thx, Corey

  5. ahh nice nice! looks really simple – does it include some CPS sites? cause I use StatsJunky Now

  6. Morgan /

    its more of tracking per an affiliate account. Like it will log into your azoogle account and grab your earnings at that point fo the day and then track it every 15 minures and project your earnings etc. Its more for getting total for your whole account. Youd have to go in and look at your subid data or check prosper to see earnings for keywords and stuff.

  7. Morgan /

    yeah it does, it has a whole list located here check it out ian

  8. Obvious question, is this something you host yourself? Handing over passwords makes me wee myself a little….

  9. Morgan /

    you aren’t handing over passwords they are stored on your computer in a file and the program uses that file to login to the website every 15 minutes

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