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This just in, is selling counterfeit Intel I7 Processors.

This just in, is selling counterfeit Intel I7 Processors.

Mar 7, 2010 is selling counterfeit Intel I7 Processors. A user over at Overclockers forum received a counterfeit i7 processor in the mail from newegg. After it was posted another user chimed in with the same result. It seems either some way in transport or one of their supplier received counterfeit intel products or had them switched out at some point. I typically use for all my buying needs and they are usually my first goto for anything computer related. I will be following the thread closely over at overclockers located here Below are pictures the user posted pointing out the noticeable differences.

Some updates:

Well if you were one of the 300 or so unlucky customers who ordered a Core i7-920 CPU from NewEgg, like Vincent Waller. Dont be alarmed if you find out your received a counterfeit CPU. It seems like one of NewEggs suppliers (D&H Distributing) claims that out of a 2,000 chip batch only 300 were fake. Not that bad of numbers for quality unless you were one of those who received one. NewEgg is already making sure that Vincent and anyone else who received a fake CPU will be assured an authentic one.


  1. kenna /

    I have faith that newegg will do the right thing here. They have always come through for me with the best customer service.

  2. lmao

    When I first saw this I thought newegg knew about it.

  3. Wow, that’s crazy… I bought an i7 a few months back, happy that it was ok… Glad newegg is going to replace it, I had issues with the cases before and their customer service was pretty good to me. :)

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