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Day 2 of trip to ADTech San Fran

Day 2 of trip to ADTech San Fran

Apr 20, 2010

Day 2 was pretty uneventful. I chilled in the room working on some stuff while people arrived and slowly came into town. I got up early and needed a haircut I looked kinda shaggy. After going out with some friends to Circa and The Ambassador and getting bottle service last night I decided with my messy hair and being told to take my hat off it was a good idea. There is this nice mall right around the corner from the hotel we are at and they have a lot of good shops. Heavyt did forget something, and that was a pair of socks. So I stopped by foot locker and got a bag of them. My buddy Ricardo got in early to San Fran while Nick aka BBWolf showed up a little bit later. I went back to the mall with Ricardo cause he needed some things and chilled in my room until nick arrived. After he got in we headed over to dinner at a nice italian place across the road form the hotel. From there a couple more affiliates met up with us and joined dinner as well. We decided to go to the Blue Phoenix mingle which was ok only about 15 people showed up, we bounced after about 45 mins of being there and called it a night.

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