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Day 6 and 7 of trip to ADTech San Fran

Day 6 and 7 of trip to ADTech San Fran

Apr 30, 2010

Well day 6 was after the conference and it too was pretty much uneventful. I decided to sleep in and take it easy today. Wolf got up early and walked around the city some more. It was kind of an easy day. Wolf came back from walking around in the afternoon and we started hitting up the bar in the lobby again lol. Chilling there some other affs that were still in town stopped by and we ended up heading to a sushi place around the corner for a late lunch early dinner. Again nothing really happened and it was just a relaxing day.

Day 7 I ended up heading home on the plane really early since my flight left at 7:15am from SFO. its nice to be able to cut the security lines with first class. Its such a pain such such a pain at large airports. On the plane we had breakfast and wow actual silverware. It was nice, not the best but eh its airplane food. Once I got into Charlotte I had a 3 hour layover again. So up to the club lounge I went. I chilled there on my macbook pro and talked to a couple people in irc, aim, and twitter. I then got on my flight to Philly which was delayed and had another layover for like 2 hours in Philly. Come to find out my plane was delayed again to my final airport of the night IPT. I dunno what it is but you don’t want to travel with me. My flights are always always delayed for some reason. I remember one time I was delayed and had to stay overnight at a hotel and in the morning my flight was delayed 3 times but luckily the hotel was paid for by the airlines. I finally got home Friday ngiht at 11pm est. I was tired and I had been traveling all day. Such is the life of an affiliate marketer attending conferences or wherever we may go.

Looking back on this years adtech san fran it was a good conference. Alot of people said they didn’t get anything out of it and it was a waste, they must not have been looking hard enough. In our daily routines we have a unique job that very few get or understand. Half the fun at these conferences is to meet people you haven’t seen in a while even if its a couple months or a year. You connect with people who get you and understand you and the industry we are in. Its hard to relate to people who for lack of better words have a normal life compared to ours because frankly our jobs aren’t normal. We make in one day what some people make in a month and make in a week what some make in a year. That concept is hard to grasp by some, others try to take advantage or think its easy. I’m just glad I’m able to do what I do on a daily basis and to have the friends and associates I do in this industry.

HeavyT Out……..

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