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March Traffic Stats for Wall Of Monitors

March Traffic Stats for Wall Of Monitors

Apr 5, 2010

Well its been a good 2 months since I started blogging heavily on Wall of Monitors. I did put some post into it a little earlier than when the blog was created to fill it with some initial content. Over all the first month it went live was fail because I failed to realized I was blocking all spiders from reading my content of my blog. After I found that out I added the blog my webmaster tools account on Google to speed things up a little. But after reading a couple blogs around I decided to follow the footsteps of, which I read often, and decided to post the traffic stats so without further ado here are the traffic stats for Wall of Monitors for the month of march.

wall of monitors 19
ads4dough meetup 13
wallofmonitors 8
ads4dough san diego 6
mundo media bowling 6
ads 4 dough meetup 3
ads4dough meet up 3
ads4dough meetup san diego 3
ads4dough affiliate meetup 2
yahoo publisher network 2
qq 2
miketpowell 2
simple instructions for jitbit macro recorder 2
ads4dough 2010 meetup 2
how to make a wall of monitors 2
jay kim affiliate 2
jitbit do while 2
ads4 dough san deigo 1
fb ads manager ads4dough 1
jay kim a4d 1
wall of monitors .com 1
she s out of my league 1
make your own luggage labels 1
jitbit macro recorder click a button 1
ads4dough hard rock san diego 1
ads 4 dough speakers 1
ads4dough san diego ca 1
sybarite elite 1 1
ads 4 dough meet 1
dickrolls 1
hydra for sale nickycakes 1
can amex points be used to purchase a refrigerator 1
http // 1
ads4dough san diego meetup 1
ads4dough 1
ads4 dough affiliate san diego 1
ads4dough affiliate meetup san diego 1
ads4dough – meetup 2010 1
jitbit click button sample 1
edk innovations 1
wall of monitors edk innovations 1
wall of monitors blog 1
san diego meetup ads4dough 1
ads4dough affilaite meetup 1
ryan machara elite 1


  1. How did you manage to be found for “qq”?

  2. defma /

    hey man

    i know its an old post but i m too curious about “qq” in your stats. I have the same entries for this keyword on several websites and i am pretty sure im not ranking for qq. looks like some kind of a bot or smth any ideas whats that?

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