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GetAds, Denver CO Meetup202, and the new office.

GetAds, Denver CO Meetup202, and the new office.

Jul 23, 2010

So this week I took a flight out to the Getads offices to hang out with them for a bit and speak to the crew, do a little seminar, and give them some insight on PPV and different traffic sources. Being an affiliate manager can be hard sometimes when you’ve always been on one side of the fence. Many people come to this industry as affiliate managers and have no prior experience or, even tho there are some, have never been affiliates themselves. PPV can be a hard topic to grasp and if you have never done it being able to get in on it can be troublesome if you have to learn on your own. I was happy that George and the crew invited me out for a good time and I decided to stay for the first ever Denver meetup202. My presentation lasted for a little over an hour and I covered everything from very basic info to server setup and optimizing for ppv and prosper to php coding and smart and unique ways to take an offer and spin it for different demographics. After we went out to fogo de chao for lunch and it was the first time I had ever been. I was pretty amazed and had an awesome time. The meetup202 for being the first one and hosted by Getads was a completely success. Alot of people showed up from different companies in the area and a good amount of affiliates showed up including myself. George gave a motivation speech in the conference room describing what the industry is where its headed and if you want it bad enough you can reach your goal. The mood was inviting and friendly, everyone was in good spirits, and jokes among coworkers and new comers bounced around the room as we introduced ourselves. Everyone had a good time. One of the affiliate managers, Mike, from getads decided to lighten the mood by sporting some clothes in a true spirit of trying to revive the 80’s. If you have a meetup in your area I highly suggest meeting with people and mingling. Its nice to be able to meet people who aspire to do what we do as well as meet others who can relate to our daily lives.


  1. It was good to have you out here bro! We’ll hang in NYC in August fo sho.

  2. Mike /

    Dang. Thats a good looking guy.

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