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My First Vlog About Conference Schwag.

LOL flip video was 600 mb not uploading that to youtube so I turned down the quality.


  1. Fuck AKMG. Stupid fucking skate decks don’t fit into most bags.. Dumb bitches.

  2. Haha I have almost all of that stuff too. I didn’t use the condom either, didn’t think it was actually trustworthy and safe…

  3. There were some very good points made.

    There was a company at ad:tech sf that had branded lighters. They gave them out to the smokers out front. I thought that was pretty good.

  4. Where is the BEER? Oh wait you drank that all from the C2M booth! See ya in NYC!

  5. Just saw this. I try not to take stuff anymore because you end up with way too much schwag. Now I only take what I actually like. Really cool shirts I think are good because i’ll actually wear them.

  6. With ASE coming up, I really hope the networks take a look at your video… I get so tired of lugging useless junk home (or having to seem rude and refusing to take the items in the first place).

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