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ASE is now over, its friday and here’s the HeavyT Recap.

ASE is now over, its friday and here’s the HeavyT Recap.

Aug 20, 2010

So I left you all off with me getting into NYC and checking into the London. Some people flew in that Saturday from another company and we went to get some grub since they had been flying all day and we all were hungry. We got back to the hotel and I called it a night since the meet market was the next day. I woke up Sunday morning around 8am to meet someone for breakfast who never woke up but go figure I wasn’t surprised. So I hit up Josh Todd since I had some breakfast credits at the London and then we both headed over to get out passes for the conference.

The meet market was packed this year, there were a lot of good companies in attendance. I saw some new ones while chatted up some old ones I’ve known over the years and it was good to see everyone again. I later went back to the hotel after grabbing something to eat and hung out with a good crew of fellow affiliates at the london bar as I waited for someone to show who again didn’t, no surprise again, so a bunch of us headed over to the meetup 202 party at Touch. After hanging out there for a little and chatting it up with Wes, and Ryan we decided to leave for a planned dinner. Ian and Brandon and I headed over to the dinner with Kitara Media. We had a great time and the dinner portions at the Capitol Grille were huge. I’d like to thank them and Ian for inviting me to the party.

After the dinner I decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for the always awesome Sharasale party at the Empire hotel. After going to this party I know it is always one of the big ones and make sure I get there early as they give out way more passes then capacity. While there I took some pics in the photo booth that I threw up at the bottom. I hung out at the party with my girls Kim and Sheena from Plenty of Fish and Marcus stopped by later in the evening to chat. I was waiting for some people to show but they didn’t make it before they closed the doors, guess that’s what happens when you don’t plan ahead and you procrastinate. For a couple hours or so I was enjoying my vodka redbulls and smoking my cigar in the NYC air. It was truly a beautiful night and the company made it even better. Thank you Sheena and Kim you can be my wing girls anytime. Well the party started dying down so the POF Crew and Jason from A4D and I all went out for some late night adventures and had an awesome time. All I can say it we all had a blast.

The next morning I got up got showered and dressed and headed over to the conference. I immediately as I walk in I get bombarded with people asking if I’m HeavyT and thanking me for the dinner I’m hosting later in the evening. I walked around the conference and I saw some new faces as well as some old ones. I also made it a point to stop by and see the sponsors of the Affiliate dinner I was hosting so I could introduce myself and let them know how everything was going.

After the Conf I headed over to Maison to talk to the manager and let him know everything was on for the dinner that night. He said he was shutting down the place and moving everything around for us. So back to the hotel to change and get ready for the Affiliate Dinner. I got there a little bit early around 6:15 and started setting up. The staff there was beyond helpful. By 6:30 people already started coming over from the conference and by 7:15 the party was in full swing. I was running around introducing myself and people were thanking me for the party. I had an awesome time and it was great meeting everyone. I’m defiantly going to do it again at Adtech NYC. So I’m gonna up the sponsorship and or get more sponsors and make it better than before. I’d like to thank our sponsors Ads4Dough , Mediatrust , Offermobi , Adsimilis , Media Magnetic , Copeac , and Michael Fritsch. How did everyone like the venue, is there anything you would change? Let me know in the comments.

While at the dinner I was chillin with Smaxor and we decided to bounce after everything was over and head to GreenHouse for the Engage BDR party. You see I did dabble in a little myspace advertising and I do have over 70 myspace accounts so when a party like this comes up BDR sends an email to every advertising account. I got 70 lol. So off we go to the the club. We hang out there for a little and then it hits 10pm, uh oh some other group came in and started showing some skater vid so we decided to leave. So I guess its time to hit up the Clickbooth and Neverblue party at the Hudson. Truth be told I never made it to the Clickbooth party. I got a wrist band so booze was free to me and anyone else who I got it for. Some people didn’t understand that and didn’t think it was an open bar but it was to Neverblue affiliates, props to my english am Kenny. Yt Cracker spun on the decks while I talked to various people through the night while cracking jokes, trying to dance, and getting my drink on. At this point Jason from a4d wanted to continue the party so we headed over to Greenhouse again and got bottle service while we drank some more. After a couple hours went by it was time to head home.

The last day of the conference I got up in the morning and didn’t really go, I actually met up with bofu and we chilled in the room for a little and shot the shit all day. He left the hotel and I tied up some loose ends with some business before I went to meet him and fatbat from WF at 5 at the Hilton for some drinks and then we had a meeting with a company down near 4th street or something. After that all three of us hit up rays pizza for dinner and then headed back to the London and watched some tv and just vegged.

Overall the convention was a success. To me its never really about the conferences, its about making new friends and strengthening friendships of old. I hope everyone had an awesome time at the dinner and the positive reactions I’ve gotten from everyone there indicated to me that there will be another at every conference if possible.


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  2. Morgan /

    done lol

  3. Mike Carney /

    Congrats on doing such a great hosting job Morgan! MC

  4. It was nice meeting you Morgan. Thanks for organizing the dinner. Great venue and a good opportunity to talk to people in a chilled environment.

  5. Morgan, want to meet you next year. Good
    coverage – want to socialize and network

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