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Another Rebill Company Closes Its Doors. Bye Jar Media….

Another Rebill Company Closes Its Doors. Bye Jar Media….

Oct 6, 2010

I got an email today from Jar Media informing me that their company is closing its doors. Its sad to see another company close its doors but its a sign of the times of where rebills have headed, its not a completely solid model anymore in today’s affiliate marketing world with all the regulations going on. I had been hit up by them a couple times to run their new stuff but I just wasn’t interested anymore. I wish them luck as the doors are locked but we must eventually move on.

It is time for JAR Media to close its doors. We are grateful for your business over the years, and it has truly been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. Unfortunately, JAR is shutting down and your current links will expire by end of the week unless otherwise notified, but we would appreciate you taking down campaigns as soon as possible. All open accounts will be properly closed out and any balances will be handled.

Please email us back with any questions or concerns. Wishing you the best.

-JAR Media


  1. Damn! JAR was a good group of people. Sucks to see! Sign of the times…

  2. This is a really sad news for Jar Media. It’s important for affiliate marketing to be flexible and adaptable with these new changes.

  3. The network shut down, but the people there arent going anywhere but up.

  4. nicholas defelice /

    what ruck says is true. I had a dinner with their owner and they are def not going anywhere..

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