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Myads bought by Rubicon Project, and a video of me using macros to submit ads.

Myads bought by Rubicon Project, and a video of me using macros to submit ads.

Nov 13, 2010

If you don’t know I’ve used the myads platform for a while. There have been some problems as of recent where the traffic quality has declined in certain verticals. Not only that but when sitewide media buys occur for company branding such as progressive insurance or a new movie comes out they, the company being advertised, just throw outragous money at the campaign and basically your campaign goes to shit. I have come to loathe progressive campaigns on myspace and even tho some of you probably don’t use myspace anymore the sight of Flo pisses me off now.

Anyway without getting any emails or notifications by my old rep at myspace I called the day after the merger and got an out of office reply telling me that she no longer worked there and when I called nobody answered. Seems like a ship is still sailing without anyone at the helm. I had to do some searching to find out what was going on. In my searches I found this below on the developers blog.

Great news! We have joined with the Rubicon Project to make MyAds even better.

the Rubicon Project is the world leader in Yield Optimization technology and fuels the industry’s largest display advertising marketplace. Our REVV platform powers more than 60 billion ad transactions each month and will process 500 billion real-time bidding (RTB) transactions in Q4. In short, this means MyAds is only getting bigger and better. Click here of more info.

How does this affect me?
Currently, all of your new and existing campaigns will continue as usual without any changes. In the future we will be gaining more ad impressions and targetable unique users to help your advertising programs grow. As always, we will continue to communicate all improvements as they develop. Click here for the FAQ.

Customer Service
Your continued customer service team is still accessible for any questions/comments you might have. Click here to contact us.

The MyAds Team

At the Moss Networks VIP event at Adtech I was able to flag a Rubicon Project member down and give them my card. The next day I got an email and a tag of sorts back and forth over a week followed. The excerpts from the convo is below.

Hi Morgan,

My sincere apologies, you are absolutely right, we have been delayed in reaching out and I apologize for that.  As I’m sure you can imagine, it was a hectic first week for us, but that is not an excuse for the delay.  Fortunately, I think I can now provide some additional clarity.

FAN has joined with the Rubicon Project to make MyAds even better.  as the world leader in Yield Optimization technology, the Rubicon Project fuels the industry’s largest display advertising marketplace.  Our REVV platform powers more than 60 billion ad transactions each month and will process 500 billion real-time bidding (RTB) transactions in Q4.  For our specific group, this really just means MyAds is getting bigger and better!

Unfortunately, with the move to the Rubicon Project, we did lose some people and Mone’t was one of them.  We are now left with only 2 Account Managers, and as I hope you can understand, we are trying to leverage resources most effectively.  Rest assured, I have personally flagged your accounts to our Customer Service Manager and she is eager to grow your spend and get you back to dedicated support.  And I truly hope that with our upcoming changes and modifications in the next couple of months, we’ll both be able to really benefit and see more dollars through MyAds.

Please reach out if you have any further questions, and again, my sincere apologies in the delay in getting back to you.

Then I asked her about increasing cpc’s and how media buys for corporate branding destroy our campaigns for the day. I also voiced my opinion how myads is just a usa platform and there is not current way to buy international inventory through the myads interface and if there ever will be this option, her reply is below.

Yes, I do know the challenges related to the current MyAds quality of traffic and lack of international inventory.  Both of those elements will be addressed by this merger with the Rubicon Project and I am extremely optimistic about both getting a lot more and better performing inventory and also expanding to the international field.  As I’m sure you can understand, there are a lot of transition projects in the pipeline and things will start to change as early as next month.  Until then, I urge you to please be patient and work with the current MyAds platform as best you can, but please do check back frequently – as I will also reach out with new developments – so that you can stay on top of the most current changes.

So it looks like there might be something good coming out of this merger afterall. I guess we’ll see what the future holds. In the meantime I’m deciding to release a video of a couple of my macros in action here from a bit ago. At Adtech I had a reader come up to me and explain to me that he loved my post on macros. So I’ve decided now with the fact that facebook ad manager is no longer allowed to be developed it might be a good thing to make a couple new tutorials with a more powerful software that I’ve used and am using in this video.


  1. Do you have 7+ diff accounts or are the macros making ads simultaneously (and correctly) on one account?
    Either way, that’s badass :)

  2. I have 70 myspace myads accounts.

  3. Sexy. I haven’t ran any traffic with them in awhile, but maybe with this merger I’ll start building some stuff there.
    Thanks for the post man, and I love your monitors!

  4. Sweet setup man. You mind telling me what the name of that song is in the video? It sounds smooth to listen to.

  5. Ehh..nevermind I found it.

  6. great post. would you mind sharing the name of the FB poster software you are using?

  7. do a google search on macros.

  8. Fraiser /

    Yeah, What’s the name of that track in the background, it’s smooth as hell.

  9. The Ananda Project -Cascades of Color

  10. I am loving the slow jam while submitting ads.  It gets me in the mood for $$$$.

  11. I remember submitting ads to Myads with my macro and I only had 4 accounts. I get a call a week or so later asking me why I have 4 accounts. Told me to use one, but at least it got me a rep to talk and submit ads to.

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