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Sometimes you find surprises if you don’t open your mail in 2 months.

Sometimes you find surprises if you don’t open your mail in 2 months.

Feb 22, 2011

So typically the mail comes to my house and we have a table by the door that I just toss it into, sometimes I flip through it before I do and sometimes I don’t. Every so often the basket I put it in overflows to the point where i have to go through it. So whats in this basket that piles up over a 2 month period you may ask? Local weekly newspapers, various magazines such as website magazine departures feedfront, bills, bank statements for all my companies (yes I have a few), and the occasional phone book or two.

Well amongst all this unopened mail there was a Christmas card from Dan Buontempone over at Globalizer and much to my surprise was a starbucks gift card in it. Now some affiliates may not think its a big deal but it is to me, by going that extra mile and writing me a hand written card talking about the ase aff dinner I threw and that he was looking forward to the vegas one among other things stood out in my mind. Now I myself have not done alot of traffic with them but when it comes down to it and I’m looking for an offer just making that extra effort will make me look towards their network instead of some of the others. Why you might be asking, just cause he sent a card with a gift card in it?

I’ve always believed this since the day I started in aff marketing that the network is only a small percent of it but a large part is your manager. Does he or she work only 9-5, do they work all hours, can you reach them on the phone anytime you need them as long as they aren’t sleeping, do they wake up in their sleep to answer you call, do they randomly hit you up and text you just to shoot the shit, do they text you on holidays giving you warm wishes? Besides their regular duties does your affiliate manager go the extra mile? Its not always about the money sometimes its about building a personal relationship with your manager. Some managers blend in and others shine, so sit there and ask yourself, out of the managers you have which ones shine and why?

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