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Adtech San Francisco and the Heavyt Recap.

Adtech San Francisco and the Heavyt Recap.

Apr 18, 2011

So as I type this I’m in vegas sitting in a hotel room grinding away relaxing after adtech. This years adtech went pretty well. i feel I made more connections and did more business this adtech than any other I had been to. Surprisingly tho my only gripe at the show was that it was two floors and over half the people I talked to didn’t know there was a second floor.

I flew into san fran on sunday and got in around 3pm. I headed over to the clift where I was staying and was immediately greeted by a couple of my friends who didn’t even give me a chance to shower before we went out for drinks. We walked down the street to the daily grill, which had amazing food by the way, and talked for a bit and had an appetizer or two in order to fill my stomach. Afterwards I had a dinner meeting with Lead Cola and a couple other affs. I must say for the next couple hours it was non stop fun, laughing, jokes, and good talk. I never seen so many people have such a good time at a dinner. My impressions of Lead Cola and the people who work there were thoroughly changed. I know alot of people have given them shit about their name but after getting to know them on a one on one basis I’ll be working with them in the future for sure. I read alot of stuff about them on affiliatepaying but what stuck out the most about the reviews were the pay schedules and was payouts, I’ve never known a company to give the highest payouts right away but these guys all you gotta do is ask. Everyone is really streated off the bat and people talking about getting 5 or 6 leads and complaining about payment schedule I’m sure people can be put on weekly wires if they do some volume. I wanted to thank Lead Cola for inviting me to the dinner and paying for the 80 some shots of patron we all had lol. After the dinner the affs and Lead Cola crew along with me wandered the streets of san fran for a little before heading back to my hotel at the clift where I called it an early night after a long day of flying.

Monday I woke up mad late and headed down to the show to pick up my badges with me and a coupe other affs before we decided to head to the w for drinks. Afterwards I headed over to the w for some drinks with some more buddies until the afternoon. For lunch I decided to go down to the pier and meetup with a couple affs for oysters. Now I’m not a really big fan of oysters but with anything I’m up for going with the flow and trying new things for once. I had some business meetings but took care of most of the things before the ppv playbook party. The ppv playbook party was in a small space but it wasn’t that bad. It was a bunch of tight knit people and I talked to some friends there. After I headed over to the moss networks vip party. Now my good friends and my buddy Locke over at Empyre media invited me up to their vip table where we enjoyed the whole night until we shut it down. The moss networks vip party was amazing, they had these awesome dancers and this one girl did some acrobatics and another did some fire dancing. It was an amazing night and I wanted to thank Empyre Media for inviting me out and getting me in.

Tuesday I woke up and headed down to the conference around 11am. Now this year I didn’t feel liek picking up any schwag it gets kinda old after a while. I always liek to plan out how I walk the floor. I usually start at one corner and go up and down the isles working my way over to the other side. I picked up some good traffic sources this show as I made my way over to the other side of the conference. Of course I saw a couple traffic sources with shitty traffic which wasn’t worth the money I spent on them. At 1pm I decided to round up a couple affs as we headed over to the affbuzz meetup, I hooked up with ryan eagle on the way over and we talked more about blam ads and ewa and how big its growing. I’m truely impressed with how much ryan has grown not only personally but as a business man. It was only 3 years ago that i met him at the playboy party in vegas and to see how much he’s prospered since then is astonishing. I tried to make it over to the thirsty bear for the aff summit meetup but just didn’t have time. After hanging out at the show for a little bit more we had a nice dinner with about 18 people I quickly threw together, a few in the crowd were vegan or vegetarians so I chose the daily grill again. I also tried to make it to the engagebdr party but was running late so I rounded up a bunch of people who I invited to my tables at the marketers ball since I was one of the sponsors. We all walked to the front of the line at the marketers ball and got a hold of darren, now darren is the man they hadn’t really opened up the vip areas yet but I was like I got these 30 people with me lets go. We all got bands and we were escorted upstairs to my tables I had waiting for wall of monitors and edk innovations. The rest of the night we had bottles popping and listened to music from digital underground, too short, and rock city all stars. It was an awesome time and the evening couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Wednesday I woke up a little late and headed down to the conference just to see if there was anything I missed. I ended up hanging with the lead cola guys for a good amount of the day till the conference ended. Afterwards I organized a dinner for a couple aff friends and we headed over to the daily grill for dinner (can you tell I liked the daily grill). One of my friends missed her flight back to utah but it was all good I got her some dinner when she came back. I must say the food at the daily grill was amazing, it never disappointed. After dinner we headed to the clift to have drinks until we shut the bar down. After the bar shut down we all headed up a block to get some pizza, it was freaking hilarious how a bum followed us, he wouldn’t leave us alone and one of my friends Gary got a video of him harassing us at the pizza shop, we never laughed so hard in our lives.

Thursday a couple affs and I were tlaking about dim sum and decided to head over to this place that had awesome reviews called Yank Sing. So all 4 of us squeezed into the cab and unfortunately i had to ride bitch and on we went. I love dim sum and some of them had never had it or knew what to get so I started ordering for everyone talking in chinese. Funny I can’t really speak it but when it comes to food I can order like crazy. After eating lunch we decided to walk around town for a little before heading back to the hotel, I was orginally gonna head home friday but at the last minute changed my plans and decided to go to vegas with some friends so here I am.

Overall for me adtech was a success, I accomplished so much more this trip than any other adtech I had before. I connected alot of people this trip as well as I myself gettign connected with new companies. Big things are coming and I’m happy my business will be growing and prospering for the relationship not only I made this trip but from the relationships I created.

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  1. You always have the best show recaps! That dim sum looks tasty

  2. Great recap of the event! I’ll be attending for sure once i hit god damn 21 lol

  3. justin /

    lol dude it’s so funny seeing people in your recap that live down the street from me. hahaha

  4. One thing I bet I’m better than you at is CHINESE woohoo!

  5. yank sing totally rocks. Sorry I missed it!

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