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How I made 4 figures with A4d, POF, and car insurance leads.

How I made 4 figures with A4d, POF, and car insurance leads.

Apr 8, 2011

Well I think its time to out another one of my POF campaigns I ran over a year ago. I was running 2insure4less on A4d. I’ve been with jason at a4d since the beginning and haven’t looked back. You can count the number of honest networks on your hand and this is def the first one. Most networks always say they always pay but very few actually live up to the claim.

For this campaign I’m targeting all 50 states and had to create a campaign for each state. I first went and collected pictures of drivers license’s from all 50 states. I then had to create a campaign for each one with the ad text located in the screen shots. This was pretty exhaustive and took a while to do as I had to replicate it 50 times. My targeting was this.

  • Usa Only
  • Males and Females
  • ie and firefox users only
  • users had a car
  • login count under 100
  • state was whatever state I was targetting.

Overall the campaign went very well, I ran it for a couple weeks and grossed over 20k with a spend a little over 12k. You want to know the state I got the most leads in? Believe it or not Florida.


  1. This is very cool bro. Very inspiring – its very hard for affiliates to out their campaigns very detailed like you do. BIG rep given and thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris /

    Awesome motivation Morgan! Did you use a lander with this campaign or were you direct linking?

  3. Morgan /

    I used a lander with audio on it.

  4. Surprising to see that an insurance offer worked on PoF! Did you Direct linked or used a LP?

  5. Tony /

    Good stuff, but a few questions.
    1:  Where did you get the license pictures?  If you didn’t buy them from say istock do you worry about copyright issues?
    2:  You had to do a tons of ads, I guess you use Macros for them like you do on Myspace?   Do the macros setup all the camps in P202 too?
    Thanks, keep the great posts coming!

  6. Morgan /

    I just searched on google for the images, as far as setting it up in p202 i just added the state to the end of the prosper link so I know what states converted and when and what state.

  7. Morgan, it may have worked best in Florida because FL has the highest car insurance rates in America in five counties in South Florida.

  8. Constantin /

    awesome stuff…any chance you can give us any more info about your lander—seems like it was the key to all this with that 17% CVR–simple lander i assume? did you do the audio recording yourself or get someone else. 

    (yes, I’m fishing for lander tips haha)

    anyway thanks for outting another campaign and giving me some ideas for my own stuff!

  9. great post! since you seem to be blogging alot lately, can you do a post on landing pages?

  10. Thanks Morgan,I was making a big mistake spending all my ad expenses on adwords and facebook. Now I’m 1 up with ‘Fishing a Diet lead’ in pof.

  11. Hey Morgan,
    Thanks for the great share. Its always motivating to read successful campaigns.
    Can you share when was this campaign ran?

  12. Andre /

    Based on your CPM and CTR, your cpc was around .80?  Pretty impressive that you were able to get that much ROI with that high of a CPC.

  13. Andrew /

    I’m with Constantin… any information on the lander? An example maybe? If you are still running the campaign then I understand. But I tried something similar with direct linking and it just didn’t work. (I’m also fishing for some LP tricks!)


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