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How I prepare for a conference, and what I do that might help you.

How I prepare for a conference, and what I do that might help you.

Apr 10, 2011

One of the things people might have not done is attend a conference before. If you have the time and money I highly suggest it, especially if its an ASW or ASE. Usually the night before I pack my laptop, charging cords and misc cords, grab my business cards, and print out an iternary of my flights car rentals etc and stick it in the bag with me. If its adtech I grab my envelope with my passes in it and stuff it into my bag as well.

When packing I usually pack all my dress shirts in bags already pressed and hung on hangers so all I gotta do is take them out and throw them in the closet in the room. This not only keeps the collars fresh and starched but also doesn’t wrinkle everything too much. As far as shoes my dress shoes stay in my bag and I travel with a pair of slip on rubber sole slippers. This makes it easy for security checks you just kick them off and kick them back on. If you ever seen the movie up in the air with george clooney the scene where he describes the quickest way to get through security yeah thats me. I always plan ahead, think wha ti need to take out, how many bins I need etc.

For traveling on the plane I usually charge my ipod the night before and make sure I have a fresh battery in my Bose qc15 headphones. For reading material I usually grab the newest copy of Robb Report, if you don’t read it grab a copy if you can find it its the official magazine of internet marketers, affiliate marketers and ballers alike. For instance did you know the robb report did a 4 page spread on a suite in cesars palace that is 30k a night? Trust me it puts the playboy suite at the palms to shame. Anyway as far as flying I usually have a long day of traveling because of where I’m at and where I live, its usually atleast 2 connections but isn’t surprising that today will be 3. Today I’m traveling form IPT to PHL to ORD to SFO.

Since planes usually don’t have good food on it anymore and currently i’m watching what I eat I’m at a bar right now grabbing breakfast. Sometimes I have time sometimes I don’t but today I do waiting for my plane to depart to ORD. Overpriced airplane food if you aen’t in first class can suck alot but you only have so many options available in your terminal before you board and on the plane.

When I get to the hotel after checking in I usually request a two bed room because its nice to be able to just sprawl everything out on one bed while you sleep in another, lay out outfits, have people come over and chill, or even just have a place to throw conference schwag. Also I like to hop onto yelp and google maps to see what is around the hotel and conference and what places to eat are nearby because you never know when you might want to grab something to eat with buddies or have a meeting.

I thought I’d write a quick post here while i’m eating in this empty bar of D terminal at phl before I head onto my next leg. To everyone going to adtech, see you at the show.


  1. Antikantian /

    IWC 5002 ftw.

  2. Awesome post man, it’s always great to know what people are taking to the affiliate conferences!

  3. I have that watch.

  4. Good stuff man, these are some nice tips. I usually don’t go to conferences but in the future I think I will to make more connections and do some networking.

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