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If an affiliate ran over six figures, how important are they to you?

If an affiliate ran over six figures, how important are they to you?

Apr 16, 2011

Why am I posting this before my adtech recap you might ask, because I think its an important topic that begs the question, If an affiliate ran over six figures, how important are they to you?

Let me ask this question, pose it to my readers. How important are affiliate relations to a company? How bad would it be to have an affiliate not taken care of who ran over 6 figures since the last conference. There is an affiliate that ran alot of traffic to a certain company that I know of. This affiliate cares alot about the manager/affiliate relationship as any should. But it seems that through out the last show his manager continually blew him off, as well as ignored attempts he made for them to meet with this manager. Now both individuals were there for a whole week, even tho the show wasn’t as long.

Some background info, this affiliate who I “know” even 3 or 4 weeks ago made flight plans to go visit this company where there are located, to which the company agreed to put him up in a hotel for running as much money to the company as he did. This manager was supposed to show him the town he had never been to before, take in the sights, work at the company during the end of the week on his campaigns, and the weekend it was dinner, business, and being a tourist. This affiliate was then informed that because another pub could not decide what and where he wanted to meet this other manager, ie this manager was flying out to see this pub when he visits to the usa, that the other was more important and couldn’t lock down any time since she, oops, they wanted to keep their schedule open.

Now back to adtech. This company, despite asking many times asking didn’t have anything planned but at the last minute a meet and greet was arranged but unfortunately this affliate had his meetings schedule booked a week or two in advance of the show so something so spontanious, last minute, and well short notice wouldn’t have been even considered with the ppv playbook and moss networks vip party the same night. Even tho he went to both of those he did try to make it to theirs but was unable to.

As an affiliate manager and knowing very many of them they rely 100% on their pubs for income, its the life blood of any network, not only that but the owners of the network rely on those pubs and the job their managers do. So after making plans for drinks later in the week and knowing that this pub got in early to the conference on sunday, she made no attempt to meetup. Stories were heard from his other friends about how this manager flaked on them the night before he got in, she got a little tipsy, and blew them off to meetup and do whatever as well.

On tuesday this pub stopped by the booth of this network on the second floor of the conference, talked to this manager and was told that she was really busy tuesday but plans would be made for wednesday in the afternoon for drinks. The proverbial nod was given, the handshake among men that said yes I shall meet you for drinks in the after noon to discus our future money making opportunities.

The next day at the show 1pm rolled around and the pub decided to head upstairs to meet his manager who made no attempt to contact him to setup a time only to find that she oops they weren’t at the booth. A quick text message was sent which later was returned saying how the drinks were arranged for the evening and not the afternoon. Hmm, ok honest mistake perhaps or she blew him off for someone else but afternoon was recalled either way. So later on that night a dinner was arranged and an open invitation was given to come eat and have drinks as promised the dinner started at 6:30pm, thats evening right pm evening after 6 right thought so. As 9pm rolled around guess who didn’t show up or answer until 8pm? Yes the manager. The text that was recieved at 8 was what are you doing after dinner. Duh drinks perhaps, so since it was 9pm and trying to decide what to do the group of people at this dinner decided to head to the clift for drinks to which they stayed at the bar until it was shut down. Open texts were sent into the wild telling her that they were at the clift, the aff had a table, and well there were drinks.

The next day, the unwinding day after the show, one of this affiliates friends who is a super aff were discussing the show and how it was and the one aff mentioned the amount of people who flaked on him, especially this one manager. Oh her, she works for “blank” doesn’t she, she’s your manager I saw her last night. Last night the aff asked, the super aff said yeah she was with all her coworkers at the club I had bottle service at a table near them and she was super smashed having a good time. Hmmm…

When a manager has total disregard for an affiliate, when over 6 figures in gross revenue so far in the year is considered nothing, how would you feel as an affiliate? It brings into question about how a company not only handles their employees, but how the employees see their affiliates. At what point is an affiliate worth something, or holds any value not only to the company but to the affiliate manager. In this current state of economic stability with the FTC resrictions on rebills and every affiliate company trying to bring on new pubs and get them to the volume that this affiliate did who is really at fault here, who is to blame, teh company for keeping someone like this employed who treats their pubs who make this much liek shit, the manager for having no disreguard for who the pub is and who he knows and what he makes her, or the pub himself for not walking away sooner and deciding to not heed the warnings given to him about this manager and working with her anyway?

You might wonder who this network is, who the manager is, and who this pub is but I’m not one to name names, not at this point. But I will say this, many of you know this pub, you know the network very well including the manager.


  1. WHY am I not surprised. Really gotta keep your bitches in line though – and that includes your A.M. / Network.

    I’m constantly (ok maybe not constantly but way more times than I should be) surprised by how little value networks bring to the table lately – especially for large volume pubs.

    If we have to worry about bullshit treatment by shitty AMs (yes I have walked away from a network because my AM was a complete tool *cough Ryan Anderson* )  and networks holding payment bc of an Advertiser going under (due to problems beyond my control – like advertisers going BK or having problems monetizing their leads because they weren’t prepared for the volume I sent )  then WTF is the point of the network. Entertain me when I’m in town and float payments so I can maintain cashflow – thats your job as a network.

    If they can’t do that for me why shouldn’t I just cut out the middleman and go direct or sign up for another network?!  ok < /rant >

  2. Phoenix /

    glad you posted this morgan. I had similar experience at this ad:tech. It really made me question AGAIN who I work with and what their priorities are. People use the excuse of ‘tough times’ and ‘being stretched too thin.’ Yet, you find out the next day they were out partying when they said they were doing something else. Respect and reciprocity seem to be lacking greatly not only with networks, but also, among affiliates. 1st signs of an industry is struggling is when it starts to ‘cannibalize’ its self and people make excuses for behavior that is not tolerated in professional business. Ad:tech WAS bigger this year, but many people are now smaller and I dont mean in how much they make. That is one reason I posted “who to trust” article on FB last night. I hope by ASE many people both on the network and affiliate side remember the Golden Rules of Precedence, Reciprocity and Professional Respect.

  3. Nothing is more annoying then being at a conference and having someone be like ‘Yo want to meet up here at X.xxpm’ and you are like yeah then you just start getting sparatic texts like every hour as you are trying to locate them lol.

  4. William /

    I have the exact opposite problem. All the managers are trying to hang out with me and I flake on them. 

    You should out who did that though, pretty shitty.

  5. miketpowell /

    This kind of stuff seems much more typical to me with female AMs and really it’s simply a cause and effect these thing. So many of there pubs and others want to meet them and hit on them. Ignoring them is a power play that comes natually to the them from a life time of dealing with guys. Then most of those guys just go do there best to run more volume with them to further try to impress them.

    If most switched traffic when something like this happened it would happen less. But there are usually no shortage of guys willing to put up with it and keep trying to run more traffic. Your friend should of course swith networks or AMs and not put up with those games.

  6. Daniel /

    Drop traffic for a month, I’m sure they would want to meet with him then.

  7. Lance /

    I agree with Daniel.  This isn’t the first story I heard like this since Ad:Tech being over.  Where has the professionalism gone?  A similar incident happened to myself at ASW and I no longer run traffic to that network. (Cali based.)  HA..The random AIM’s weren’t enough..I’m sorry.  =)

  8. Boo hoo. Conferences are huge and ams have hundreds of affiliates each and many make more money than you do usually. If you really want to hang out with them and/or are too poor to buy your own lunch, then dont wait till the last minute to schedule something. Dont expect them to be sucking your balls when you already have a good relationship. They like to take out the new guy who appreciates it more.

  9. “What have you done for me lately?”
    They put their own interests before the company’s. They were at Adtech to conduct business, not get drunk with their friends. If I were you I would talk to the next higher up, complain, and ask for a new AM if possible. If its a smaller network,  explain to the higher up why you’re not doing business with them any more. This will signal to them that if they don’t do their jobs, there are repercussions. If you had gotten blown off just once, hey accidents happen, but three or four times signals blatant disregard for your interests.
    AMs are in the customer service business. A large number of them have very little clue of what is going on besides ‘hey run this offer on this traffic source,’ which adds no real value to your business.

  10. While I cannot directly relate, I had a similar experience with a network. I wrote about it on WickedFire in depth, as the network stole $x,xxx from a friend of mine – my ONLY referral into their network, and they claimed it was fraud.
    Needless to say, I haven’t run a dime of traffic with the network since.

  11. maybe your friend was acting like a creep before the event?
    either way it’s a man’s world you faggots, man up and stop acting like little boys.

  12. Id be pissed too if I didn’t get to use my roofies the whole show

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