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Lunch is on me, thanks for the hard work and keep it up.

Lunch is on me, thanks for the hard work and keep it up.

Apr 4, 2011

So one of the companies I’ve been doing some work with had been doing a really good job. Anyone that has dealt with me knows I expect the best and nothing less. I can be a little demanding and I can be cocky as well on a daily basis. If you are offering a service I expect the very best, and I better see it. One thing is this never goes unnoticed by me.

This company has been doing a great job, always gets back to me promptly, and in addition I can reach my reps after hours on their cell phones. This as I’ve discussed in previous posts builds a relationship between you and the individuals representing the company. These are the relationships I want to build upon and grow, these are the relationships I want to keep.

So in appreciation I decided to buy the whole team that goes anywhere near my account lunch. Granted they live in another state and I might never get to see them, but they know me now, they understand I appreciate what they are doing, and I want them to continue to do a good job. This is a gesture of gratitude for their work and I highly appreciate everything they did for me and will continue to do for me. I didn’t have to do it but I wanted to. The response I got from my rep couldn’t have shown me any more thanks for what I did this april fools afternoon.

The pizza party went off without a hitch.  At various times throughout the luncheon, statements could be heard across the office, “EDK is awesome!” and “Blow up that EDK volume!”  30 minutes and 2 belt notches later I looked around and saw satisfied buyers proving the age old theory that a well-fed publisher rep is a happy publisher rep.  Kudos to you sir and thank you for thinking of the people who work hard every day with little praise.

No, thank you……..


  1. Raphael /

    augh, im hungry.

  2. That was nice of you.

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