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Need an ad scraper? I use this, what peasant scraper you use?

Need an ad scraper? I use this, what peasant scraper you use?

Apr 7, 2011

Did you ever want a hand up on the competition to the point where you knew what they were running, where, and for how long? How about all the domains and or landing pages an affiliate is using? I’ve been given exclusive access to the scraper of scrapers that has been in the making for over a year. A group of very talented individuals in the aff space has decided to take adbeat on and slit their throats with this software offing competitive pricing and features that even rival the competition.

While looking around this software the features are pretty amazing. I’ve been able to find some of the ads I’ve been running and even been able to find a couple domains that I been running on and my lp’s. The ease of use this software has is amazing. Just being able to cut down on the amount of actual money you spend testing by seeing what others are doing is a life saver. Whats better than seeing whats working now and has been for a couple days, no guess on which niches are working, just do a search see how long its been running and duplicate if you are that type of affiliate.

For internet marketers there’s nothing more important than data. It guides our every decision; from the places we advertise to the creatives we use to the pitches we use. It’s value is recognized by most, so this information is kept a closely guarded secret. WhatRunsWhere is your opportunity to open these secrets.

We organize the chaos, monitoring text ads, text/image hybrid ads, and thousands of banner ad sources spread across tens of thousands of the most popular internet destinations.


Searching for ads By Company

WhatRunsWhere makes it easy to search by traffic source, even without keywords. This will give you a clear idea of which ads are performing highly on which ad networks, creating the potential to spot trends on their way up, before they’ve been saturated by other advertisers. product.


Searching for Ads by Keyword/Topic

WhatRunsWhere allows you to search not only the domain and ad text, but the text of the landing page behind the ad. We’re more than a scraper; we’re an advertisement search engine.


Searching Banner Ads

One of WhatRunsWhere’s greatest strengths is it’s ability to effectively search through banner ads. Our technology allows for high level searching that makes tracking and viewing competitor’s ads a breeze. We support several thousand banner ad companies, and include both flash and traditional image ads.


Identifying Previously Unknown Traffic Sources

While WhatRunsWhere works hard to identify traffic sources from the ads that we find, there are numerous traffic sources online that are smaller players or newcomers to the industry. For this we allow you access to in depth information that gives you everything necessary to find the hidden money-maker traffic sources you crave.


Automatically Identifying Traffic Sources

WhatRunsWhere is quite adept at not only identifying advertisements, but identifying the company that is selling the traffic. Large traffic sources come pre-identified with our software, giving you quick access to the companies your money is best spent with.



  1. Never heard of them they seem to be new… I’ve used Adbeat before and its pretty good but I know my best campaigns are the ones that no one is doing so this tool alone wont make you rich!

  2. Whatrunswhere seems like a kick ass software to have for us to gather data and information before jumping in anything crazy.

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