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$189,000.00 tab at Tryst? Who live like dis?

$189,000.00 tab at Tryst? Who live like dis?

May 13, 2011

So I was recently checking my twitter and came across a tweet with this receipt in it. The receipt in question appears to be a bill form tryst night club in vegas. Now looking at this receipt it says its from May 5th of this month but the time stamp on it is before midnight. This kinda brings up a question, who spends money like this and cashes out before midnight IN vegas no less? Who live like dis? Well if you follow the link of the image located here some have claimed it to be fake, some still say its real but I guess you have to come to your own conclusion yourself. Either way if it is real, thats one party I wouldn’t have minded being at.



  1. Adam /

    Just because they paid for the bill at 11:36pm doesn’t mean that’s when the party is over… For that kind of tab, they would have been made to pay before they started partying.

    (Which explains why they paid at 11:36).

  2. Tino /

    I live in Vegas and my Uncle is a VP of one of the casino’s, that bill is legit. He has people poppin’ millions a night at clubs/casinos. This is really not unusual for Vegas.

  3. Constantin /


  4. That’s fucking retarded – those are the types of people that sit there scratching their heads trying to figure out how they went broke when the money train stops. If you’ve got to spend $189k to impress some strippers you’re doing it wrong.

  5. groomez /

    $29,581.20 gratuity tip?!??!?!?!?

  6. Damn, you just outed my bill!

  7. Dan /

    lol @ the 2 Bud Lights

  8. Yeah 30k in tips and 10k in tax. Wow i hate this country lol

  9. Daniel /

    Got Ryan Eagle written all over it.

  10. Alright guys… I fess up…
    just kidding! But that is pretty baller! Probably was a company so they can write it off.

  11. Charles Barkley /

    Hey you fouN’ ma’ receipt! That’s just turrible!

  12. Some people, including internet marketers, are making that daily.

  13. This bill makes me want to start a night club!

  14. Mandingo /

    haha cant believe this got viral.

  15. sizzle /

    The bill is legit. We were there on Cinco De Mayo and this guy was a regular lookin Asian guy. If you got the $$ why not..?

  16. They only drank…. didnt eat one thing????? or the food bill was separate…

  17. Dan / May 13, 2011

    lol @ the 2 Bud Lights
    Yeah they were the same price as Heineys bro LOL but sure noone knew/cared. Better is the faggot who got Red Bull for $9. To beat that though is the31 Fiji waters @ $8/pop!

  18. 15 litre bottles of champagne.. wow

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