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Want a FREE ASE gold pass? Pt 2

Want a FREE ASE gold pass? Pt 2

Jul 7, 2011

So ASE is coming up in one month, one month to be exact, and a couple months ago I talked to Shawn and Missy and they decided to give me some passes to give away on my blog. Now I have a newsletter popup that comes up every 2 days per a visitor if you ever visited my blog and I’ve decided to award the ASE gold pass to one random subscriber who would be attending ASE. So in order to enter go to¬†and enter in your details for a chance to win one of 2 passes left, another subscriber won last months pass in 5 mins after the code was sent out. I will be giving away two more until ASE including this one. The second pass will be given away next week so make sure you subscribe.

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