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Attending ASE? RSVP For The ASE 2011 Affiliate Dinner

Attending ASE? RSVP For The ASE 2011 Affiliate Dinner

Aug 16, 2011

The ASE 2011 Affiliate Dinner is a go. This year was pretty last minute and I was trying to secure sponsors for this years dinner ANNNDDDDD we were able to secure sponsors :).  I’d like to thank Mundo Media, for being the first to step up and sponsor the dinner, I’d also like to thank Xrev Media, for being the main sponsor of the ASE 2011 affiliate dinner.

Every ASE I’ve tried to put a meetup together of affiliates for affiliates by an affiliate. This will be the 2nd ASE dinner and the third one overall after having one at ASW. This event is taking place at a restaurant and we’ve rented out the whole place for 2 hours. There will be an open bar for affiliates and anyone is welcome to come. If you want to grab dinner before heading out to the other parties you can grab a table with friends and order food or just grab a drink from the bar and mingle with the affiliate elite. I hope to see everyone there, lets make this one better than last years.

To rsvp to this event we need a head count so please add yourself to the facebook group here and at the end of the week we will get a final confirmation of the attendees.


  1. Good stuff bro! Never heard of Xrev media but good for them to step it up!

  2. Morgan /

    They have a good team over there, they are a little underground but they are making themselves known now

  3. kool, NY should be lots of fun this year. cya in New York

  4. Xrev is one of the best, period.

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