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Where the hell have I been? ASE, Leadscon, and Irene

Where the hell have I been? ASE, Leadscon, and Irene

Oct 29, 2011

Well after ASE I was really busy, I know its been about 2 months since everyone attended ASE. I drove up to ASE and had a horrible time with the Hilton. When I got there at 9am my room wasn’t ready so I had to check my bags until it was so I headed up to the sessions. It ended up being 6pm till I got my room, I hadn’t showered I wasn’t dressed i my usual garb and I felt really icky I wasn’t pleased at all with them. The first day I saw the session on how to pitch your company properly to affs with Rob aka bofu and ad hustler as a speaker, I saw and sat in what became a standing room only session with my man Josh aka enigmabomb on his snap back hats company, I hit up the smackdown session with jason rubacky and ian fernando on cpa vs cps, I had lunch with Arron Kelly of Kelly Law Adolfo and a couple other affiliates, I met up with Jon from trafficvance and Tim from media magnetic, and after a long day on the floor and the meet market got ready for the party with empyre media.

The next day was another productive day of meetings and hanging out with others. I had an awesome lunch with my Jason Ted and Donna from Engage BDR to talk about some things, got to the affiliate dinner at Maison that went without a hitch thanks to Mundo Media and Chris at Xrev media I really appreciate them sponsoring the event and Chris for being the main sponsor of the event. I then headed over to the dinner with Lead Cola. After I headed over to the aff ball to see doug e fresh and I got a table with bottles for me and some friends.

The last day of the summit Dan over at globalizer hooked me up and we went over to Citi Field which they rented out to hit some balls and have an awesome catered lunch. Later on I met up with the guys over at to have dinner and talk about some stuff. Later on the bdr guys and some affs headed over to avenue to get bottles and party a bit.

After ASE I moved form the hilton to the london nyc and I decided to stay for leadcon and ended up paying 800 bucks for a pass that in my opinion wasn’t worth it. It was very very corporate and I found that if you weren’t wearing a suit people didn’t pay very much attention to you or talk to you. Leadscon was not worth it to me and they won’t be getting my money any time soon in the future. the show sucked and was basically a bust in my opinion.

After leadscon some friends and I decided to stay in nyc over the weekend during hurricane Irene. I decided to have a little fun and rented one of the sky suites on the top floor of the london and had a hurricane party. The suite was nice and I had it for 3 nights until I went home monday. The storm wasn’t as bad in midtown as people made it out that it was going to be. On sunday before we left a bunch of us went out to one oak and got some bottles there.

Overall it was a good week, I had alot of fun and it was great to meet people again. I learned a lot this trip and I was able to reconnect and start some new business that has been keeping my busy hence why this post is so late. I’ll be posting more now after my 3 month vacation from posting on my blog.


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  1. HA!  I stayed at the London last time in the same exact suite as you.  Was on floor 54.  It was sick!!

    Are you going to ad-tech?  We have a private cocktail party.  Hit me up for RSVP info, I like your blog and would like to invite you.  Ian Fernando is also a good friend of mine and is coming to our party.

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