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In MD with The Link Builders and the meetup

In MD with The Link Builders and the meetup

Nov 1, 2011

Some of you might not know but I live in Pennsylvania which isn’t much of a stones throw from Maryland. My buddies Rob(bofu), Nick(nicky papers), and Alex live down in Baltimore and own a SEO and link building service called The Link Builders, located at if you want to check them out. A little while ago I did a post on affiliate workspaces and showcased their office located HERE if you want to take a look.

Now I myself am not a big SEO guy at all but I’m willing to learn, I’ve been trying to diversify and learn as much as possible about other aspects of aff marketing as sometimes its better to be a jack of all trades and a master of none when it comes to our industry. If you stay in one spot too long you get stale and believe me its happened to myself. I needed some things taken care of with some stuff I’m working on and with the services they provide they were more than able to adequately take care of my needs, but I’ll go into that in another post as I’ve never seen such a successful operation in their space such as theirs.

It so happened that the meetup coincided with me taking a trip down to Baltimore, MD. Now if you don’t know who or what is you can find and read about HERE The meetup went very well, at these events there is always a nice mix of individuals and industry knowledge. Over drinks and a roundtable of discussion Charles Calabrese went over ppc and other topics as we asked questions and added to the discussion. After the meetup we all headed over for beers and food at the local pub nearby to mingle and network some more and get to know everyone. I’d like to thank Amy and Kim for putting it together, next month I’ll be in attendance again and maybe even doing a presentation about PPV/CPV possibly maybe (Right Kim?)

All in all I was down in MD for a week and had to come back before this big snowstorm the weather people were flipping out about hit, but I must say The Link Builders took care of me and got done what I needed them to do in the week while I was there and at the same time met some new people and made some new friends in the space. I’ll definitely be attending more of the meetups in the future.

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