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ASW12 My Day Five In Vegas

ASW12 My Day Five In Vegas

Jan 11, 2012

After a late night from the nelly concert and playing blackjack till 4am over at the palms after taking a limo there from the rio I woke up the next morning and rushed to get ready for a little lunch date with the adperio girls at noodle number 9. I showed them a good time from the night before at my tables at the aff ball. I think they were still feeling it a little lol.

After lunch we headed back over to the conference and did another go around to see if I missed anything. As usual on the second day there were less people walking around. I headed over to akmg to talk to my girl Layne there since she was busy the day before to talk some business with her. If you haven’t checked out akmg I suggest you do its a solid¬†network¬†with lots of great offers especially if you dabble in emailing. Hit her up at akmglayne on aim.

After doing the once around I met cresta and jp from superior affiliate management and grabbed some early dinner at the hash house in imperial palace where they filmed an episode of man vs food. I had what they called the man vs food, I barely touched it due to the size. It was some 4 biscuits with a piece of friend chicken and melted cheese with tomatos and other stuff on it. We talked some biz with them and their team and then I headed back to the hotel to work on some things and take a nap before heading out for the evening. I only got 3 hours of sleep the night before and it was catching up to me.

After I woke up some buddies of mine who are affs and also who some do clickbank products got a table over at moon and the place was packed. So I called my vip host over at n9ne group and he whisked me past everyone who was waiting in line due to the ces parties and such over at the palms at moon. Now if you don’t know about moon the whole top of the club comes off, like it slides back and you can see the sky like some football stadiums. Let me tell you when it gets hot in there, they open the top and all this cold air comes in its an amazing feeling. I think through out the night we all went through about 15 bottles of goose 4 bottles of dom and the one ace of spades that got poured all over my buddy, like the whole bottle was sprayed on him. After we shut down the club we all went to grab a bite at the 24 hour diner at the palms and then called it a night.

Overall this conference was a complete success for me, and has been my best one to date. It was great seeing all of you again and making new connections. In the mean time I’m still in vegas till monday in this baller ass suite. Later…..

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