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ASW12 My Day One In Vegas

ASW12 My Day One In Vegas

Jan 7, 2012

So I left for Vegas on friday early around 6am and left my town on the little puddle jumper to Philly where a nice comfortable first class seat was waiting for me. Some friends decided at the last minute to fly to vegas for asw and it was really funny how both our planes landed at the same time in vegas. Since I knew my room wasn’t ready we all got into a limo and headed over to their hotel. For some reason people must be  getting cheaper because our limo driver made it a point to tell us that the price with a limo wasn’t including a tip, like he was very stern and made it a point.

When we got there the room they got was pretty cool. It was a two bedroom suite with a common area between the two bedrooms with a couple tv’s a wet bar and a pool table. I took some pictures below. After they got unpacked we headed down to grab something to eat and by this time it was about noon vegas time and I was forced into starting off the day with a corona, it was aff peer pressure I swear.

After I headed over to my hotel and checked in, the suite I got is this huge kick ass corner suite with full on kitchen and awesome views. I love staying here its so relaxing a quiet and aria is about a 2 min walk. After I got settled in I got ready for the evenings activities and freshened up from that long ass stinky flight, I hate the way I feel after I get off an airplane sitting like cattle for all that time.

I headed over to my friends hotel and we started pregaming before the club in their suite and then headed out to the club. We got a table and drank into the night. Part way through the evening Steve and the guys from c2m showed up and they chilled at our table for a little before getting one of their own. We went through 3 bottles of Dom Pérignon Luminous, and if you don’t know these dom bottles glow in the dark the whole label glows bright fucking green, and about 4 bottles of goose.

Overall it was an eventful night and a good start to the conference. For all those who haven’t showed up yet, can’t wait to see you.

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