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ASW12 My Day Three In Vegas

ASW12 My Day Three In Vegas

Jan 9, 2012

So after waking up I headed over to the conference to grab my badge and hit the meet market. Took me a while to get going after running into so many people. One highlight of the meet market was copeac had a table and nobody was there, but that wasn’t a surprise. It was really nice to catch everyone but i was quickly reminded of how hectic these things are. I really want to stop and talk to everyone but there is so much to do and so little time to do it. After hitting up the meet market we and a couple friends headed over to bejing noodle number nine for lunch and a quick bite before heading over to the STM Hangover party.

When we got up to the suite the party was in full swing and it was good to see tons of old faces and catch up. I also met with ben and shannon from pof who I hadn’t seen in a while. Rob hustle was there and ytcracker was spinning on the decks keeping the party moving. After chillin for a bit I decided to meet up with the adperio girls at shadows for a few drinks before heading over to dinner at mesa grill.

After dinner we all headed over to pure to see my old am Kenny djing for the neverblue party at the redroom there. It was a good time and got to chat with a couple more people before heading over to xs where I ended up closing the night out. I met ted dhanik and all the others from engage bdr and we all got into a limo to head over to xs to get a table and for me to meet and chill at 50 on reds table there. I swear I never seen so many tables with affiliates before at one club. Every table in our section was filled with industry people I know, there were at least 8 tables with just our people.

Overall another good night and now its off to the first day of the conference for me.


  1. Sorry I bailed this year. Keep the bottle service going with out me. 

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Adsimilis/STM/Affbuzz meetup!

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