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I divorced my current webhost…..

I divorced my current webhost…..

Jan 29, 2012

As many of you know I’ve been a strong supporter of liquid web for many many years. As of today I no longer have any services with them. It was a tough breakup but it had come to this. Now don’t get me wrong it was nothing they ultimately did, and I would still recommend them to any of my friends or people looking to get sites hosted, BUT we just outgrew each other.

Over the years I’ve used liquid web for everything but my needs continually grew. The support, staff, and attention to detail they had and still have is top notch. My requirements for speed and equipment just outgrew what they were able to provide. You see they couldn’t grow with me affordably.

Now I have a couple servers and at one point I had over 15 at liquidweb. Then at another point in my need for expansion or consolidation I moved those servers to cloud and was amazed at their storm on demand system. I helped the staff, owner/ceo with my concerns and gave them feedback on what could be improved with their new cloud system. But now as of today I moved my cloud instance to a vps at another host. When I did this, it took over 5 hours to move my sites, yes 5 hours from their cloud system. I dunno what caused it but I patiently waited and now it is done.

As of right now wallofmonitors is now on a vps at another host and as of 30 mins ago I destroyed my last cloud instance at liquidweb. You can say the divorce was amicable. I’ll still continue to support them and refer them to friends depending on their needs but i’m at a better host now, but i’ll save that for another blog post.


  1. Kyle Constantin /

    aww no name dropping yet? they’ve been doing me well for a while now but im definitely curious to hear who this better host is

  2. John /

    It’s been a while now! Who is the better host?

  3. Kyle /

    A little reverse IP lookup gives Level3 hosting.

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