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My trip to Denver with Adperio,, and Getads.

My trip to Denver with Adperio,, and Getads.

Feb 8, 2012

During ASW you might have seen me hanging out with some of the Adperio girls. We had discussed flying me out to do some consulting work for them concerning a couple things and I wholeheartedly agreed that I had time in my schedule during the beginning of February that I could come out. So I packed my bags last week and hopped on a plane headed for Denver.

My trip started off rocky because number oen the flight crew in philly didn’t show up and then we had to deboard due to an electrical burning smell. But finally I made it to Denver around 10pm. My driver Mo picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. Now for those hwo have never flown into denver, DEN is about 30 miles from the actual city of denver so you have a nice car ride into the city. Last time I was here in denver I stayed at the Magnolia which is a nice quaint hotel about 1 block from an open mall area in downtown Denver. I got into my suite that Adperio so graciously booked me and hit the sack for the next days activities.

I got up the next day and was at Adperio for my day of meetings with each department. I would have grabbed pics of their offices but they just renewed their lease and the workers were running around like bee’s putting up walls and making new offices for everyone. After the first set of meetings we headed out to lunch at a beautiful place where i had a roasted red pepper soup and this awesome sandwich with home made bread and chicken with bree and apple butter on it. When we got back to the office I had another set of meetings with some of the other departments before Morgan and Mackenzie and I decided to get Pedi’s, yep I got my nails done with the girls, I gotta keep my feet fresh as well as my swag lol. While they were getting setup in their chairs I went over next door and got a bottle of veuve clicquot for me and the girls. It was funny a bunch of other girls were in there getting their nails done, I came back and I guess they were talking about me and were like wow he’s getting a pedi and clicquot for you to drink where did you find this guy, they both looked at me and said the internet lol. After getting out nails done we headed out to dinner at an awesome place called Linger. The place has like tapas style food and this whole bar upstairs made from litebright pegs. After dinner we decided to call it a night as I had some more meetings in the morning and decided to get some more rest as we were heading out the next night to party a little.

There had been reports all week of this impending snow apocalypse but when I woke it was pretty nice out. In the morning my driver picked me up and we headed over to Adperio. I continued with another day of meetings with a couple other departments before it was time for lunch. We all went out to a really nice restaurant before finishing up the day with one last very important meeting. For dinner a bunch of us had reservations at. After dinner we decided to have dessert and drinks at this awesome place that was this speak easy type place that we had reservations at. It was really cool they did like mixology and other stuff. By this time it started snowing really bad but the roads weren’t too messed up. After dinner I headed back to my hotel where Scott Richter, the owner of, picked me up and we hit up a couple places and hung out for the rest of the night.

The next day on Friday Jenn from Adperio and her roomate and I went over to getads with Scott to pick up George and go to Rio for lunch and margaritas. It was good to visit getads again. I hadn’t been there in a while, its actually been about 2 years since I visited them in Denver and they have grown by leaps and bounds. Over lunch I talked with George about how much getads has grown in addition to the pending lawsuit against Josh Todd and Mike Guida. After Lunch I headed back to the hotel to work before we met up again later for dinner. After dinner we hit up this awesome place called 1up its this bar in denver that has all these old school video games to play while getting drunk. I opted for my usual vodka redbull but the girls convinced me to get a colt 45, when you got two blondes trying to convince you of something sometimes its easier to say yes lol. After a little while and some weirdo guys with no game coming up we decided to leave and got into a town car and I headed back to the hotel after I droped off the girls at their place.

The next day on sat I slept in before meeting my am Mackenzie and her friends at the irish snug for all day mimosas. I ended up chilling there form like 1pm till 7pm before grabbing a quick bite and hanging out at her place with her roommate until it was time to meet her same friends at a bar called Prohibition. In Denver they seem to have this one drink everywhere called the moscow Mule. Its not bad its like a watered down mojito.

Super Bowl Sunday George from getads invited me over to his place to watch the game with Scott Richter and a bunch of his friends. I had a pretty awesome time there. The food spread was pretty awesome. Scott brought a bunch of different flavored wings from his new place called the Ugly Dog as well as sushi and a bunch of taco bell. Among the round of shots everyone was having and watching the game we all tried one of the holy shit wings Scott brought. My mouth was on fire for like 45 mins, snot was running out my nose and i was crying lol. The game was awesome and the half time show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. George took the time to show me around part of the house and I must saw it is one awesome house.

Overall I had a great time in Denver with everyone at Adperio,, and getads. After doing business with Adpero and them flying me out for some consulting I extened my stay to talk to Scott and George about some business i’m doing with each of them. I will be visiting denver alot more often now as what I’m doing with all three companies will require future and more frequent trips to the mile high city. I’ll be back Denver, for sure, thanks guys for showing me such hospitality.



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