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A4D Meetup 2012: Day 1

A4D Meetup 2012: Day 1

Mar 10, 2012

I was in maui the week before the a4d meetup and took the redeye back to the mainland thursday night and got into san diego around noon. I made my way over to the hotel and checked in and grabbed some lunch with a buddy before hitting up the pool. I was really tired from the flight but I couldn’t sleep really cause I was so excited to be in san diego. It had rained the whole week when I was in hawaii so i really didn’t get to see much sun and then I land in san diego and it was 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

After the pool I got ready to head over to bar basic for pizza and drinks for the affs that got here a day early. I headed over to basic about 7:15pm and we didn’t leave till about 10:30pm. So many affs came in a day early and it was good to meetup and talk to all my old friends and make new ones. Jason was ordering pizzas left and right and as soon as a new one came out it was already gone, their pizza is so good. Basic started to get busy and fill up by 10:30 and as we all saw the blue hat roll out of basic everyone followed.

We hit up the vip line and as everyone from basic rolled into the club we filled up the table area and the ropes were put out to keep everyone from bothering us. Then the bottles came sparklers and all. With the music playing and the drinks flowing we partied into the night and ended up shutting fluxx down. I can report that 3 people in our group got kicked out of the club, not at the same time tho.

After fluxx we headed to mary janes to get drunk food with 3 of my friends and what do you know we all ordered hamburgers. After stuffing ourselves I headed to bed to wake up for the cof the next day. Overall it was a pretty eventful day and it was good to see everyone and have a little fun before we all get skooled at the meetup on sat.

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  1. Georgie /

    You write really good conference wrapups man, keep it up! Said I’d comment as I notice nobody else is giving comment love.

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