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A4D Meetup 2012: Day 2

A4D Meetup 2012: Day 2

Mar 11, 2012

After a hard but eventful night of partying I got up and saw the sun peering through the blackout curtains in the room, I prayed for a second that the sun just rose but when I looked at the clock it was 8:30 ugh. Too many vodka redbulls. I quickly hopped into the shower and got ready and headed down to the conf rooms. I got there around 9:15 but the first actual speaker didn’t start till 9:30.

The first person up was Nickycakes – – who talked about inside strategies for building and optimizing campaigns using fb and google.

The second person to speak was Stefan Gross – – How to grow and scale an affiliate business from one person to a whole company

The third to speak was Rob Berkowitz – – How to stay compliant and still make money.

The fourth to speak was Zack Linford – – Top 5 tips to converting even higher.

After the morning speakers a bunch of us headed over to dicks last resort for lunch. It was my first time eating here and it was funny as hell. The guy was such an asshole, I mean who knew there would be a place where you paid and tipped for bad service lol. I want to thank ted andy and the other guys from engage bdr for picking up the tab for lunch for everyone. I work with them and they are a great bunch of guys to know. After lunch we headed back to the conf.

The fifth speaker was Alex Tsatkin – – What works on Mobile traffic… How to optimize mobile buys.

The sixth Michael Fristch – Successfully starting and scaling in display buying.

And last but not least jason Akatiff – – creative ways to marry high volume traffic/needs with high dollar offers.

All the speakers were amazing, it was a very good line up of affiliates and business owners in our industry. The topics and discussion was so broad it covered not one but many aspects of our industry so that everyone no matter what expertise they had walked away with a glimpse into how other peers run or operate their business.

After the conference I headed back to the room to chill for an hour or two and take a nap before the rooftop party. When I woke up I hopped in the shower and headed upstairs at 9:30 and the party was bumping. Everyone was relaxed and we were able to talk and mingle with each other while jason had 20 bottles on reserve for us that night.

I must also comment that I did meet two new female affiliates, yes I met two unicorns, you know female affiliates the ones you hear about but never see. I’ve known a couple for a while but to meet new ones is always a pleasure and I hope they had a good time when we hung out at the conference.

Overall without a doubt I had an awesome time. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance and funds in their schedule to come out and should do so without thinking twice. This is the third time I’ve been to one of jasons meetups and I always walk away with new friends, new ideas, and new tactics that help me in my daily grind as a full time affiliate.

Ps. Shout out to my am over at akmg Layne 😉 here is the blog love…


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