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How to move a large active prosper install – Part 1

How to move a large active prosper install – Part 1

Mar 13, 2012

I’ve been asked several times by friends in this industry how i’ve managed to transfer large prosper installs, that are currently running, from a vps or a dedicated server or from one dedicated server to a better server.  I’ve transfered servers with databases that were 4gb in size before to another server in less than a half an hour. When I mention this people are bewildered and say its impossible but it is. So over the course of the next week or two I’m gonna make a couple posts going over each step. I thought I’d break it up so it would be easy for someone to prepare and read over each part as this little series progresses but below are the topics I will be covering.



Server config

Moving web files

Begin actual downtime

Moving databases

Redirecting traffic

New server online

So without further ado……..



When I have my domains especially for tracking I never have the dns on the same box and I never put the name servers there. I always use a third party dns server or the one at the registrar where I bought the domains. I then make an arecord and point the domain to the ip I gave it on the box. This allows for less time or ttl for switching hosts and or repointing websites. Therefore if you have a lp or tracker that nobody has hit before right after changing the ip it will switch it on the dns and the dns is looked up and then ip given where to send the visitor.

Hosting and server config

So when you get your new box where ever or from whoever you are gonna have to set it up. Most servers come with cpanel/whm on them and I prefer it on my boxes cause it make some things easier. When you get your new snazzy speedy box you are gonna want to log into your old one and mark down some things. You are gonna want to get your php version, apache version, mysql version, etc. When you login to your new box you are gonna want to upgrade or downgrade your php apache and mysql version to match the same on your old box. From there you are going to want to create the same account on the new box that you have for your prosper install, the same username password everything. You are going to want to go in and do the same for your databases. Same name same username pass everything. For the mysql you don’t have to populate the databases just make the db the user and add them with full rights to the db. After doing all this you are going to want to go into whm and add mysql access hosts to the box. You are going to want to grab the ip of your old box and give your new box access rights from the old box. If you have a tuned mysql config, aka my.cnf file you will want to transfer that over as well. You also want to grab your old ssl certificate and add it to the new box if you use secure pixels for your tracking domain.

Moving Web Files

Now what you want to do is ftp into your old server and download all the web files for your prosper install and ftp them to the new account you just made on the new server. Copy everything cause remember you want it to be an exact mirror of the old account. Make sure you chmod any folders you need to with your installation.

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