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Let me introduce you to The Linkbuilders

Let me introduce you to The Linkbuilders

Mar 28, 2012

Now I’ve mentioned before about a company I use out of Maryland which I use for alot of reputation management and seo services called The Linkbuilders. I’ve known these guys for a while, in fact for over 3 years and they not only are good at what they do they are good friends in the biz. Here is a little more info about each of them and if you need services relating to their skill set hit them up below or visit their website

Robert Adler – Founder and President: Robert Adler is a search engine optimization professional with a formal background in the areas of programming, application development, Internet security, and automation. Mr. Adler is the founder of Leadmatix LLC, a Baltimore-based entity that creates software and automation tools for performance based Internet marketers.

In 2004, Mr. Adler was elected as Chief Executive Officer at Refresh Networks and served the position through December of 2008. In other roles, Mr. Adler developed web applications at a top-tier IT solutions provider and was appointed as an advisor by several global companies for assistance in the areas of programming, software development, and Internet marketing. Mr. Adler’s aptitude in PHP as well as C#, among other languages, sets him apart from colleagues.

Robert Adler received a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Central Pennsylvania College in 2008 with specializations in Computer Programming and Computer Security.

linked in logo Connect with Robert Adler on LinkedIn to learn more.

Nicholas Cuttonaro – Vice President of Operations: Nicholas Cuttonaro is an Internet Marketing professional specializing in the areas of search engine optimization, viral marketing, lead generation, and web development.

Mr. Cuttonaro is the founder and President of Hyper Vision Media, an online advertising agency which has produced marketing plans for major motion pictures, executed licensing agreements with National Geographic and truTV, and provides market data and consulting services to MetLife, investment banks, and other leading financial institutions.

In previous positions, Mr. Cuttonaro was an Account Executive at Future Tech Enterprise, a privately-held IT solutions provider as well a Mortgage Consultant at Maximum Financial. In both roles, Mr. Cuttonaro developed sales teams as a result of leveraging the Internet with a specific focus on creating in-house lead generation programs to streamline sales processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Nicholas Cuttonaro graduated cum laude from Adelphi University in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science in Education.

linked in logo Check out Nick Cuttonaro on LinkedIn for additional information.

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