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YTCracker Heckled By BUM And Kicked Out Of Marketers Ball *VIDEO*

YTCracker Heckled By BUM And Kicked Out Of Marketers Ball *VIDEO*

Apr 4, 2012

As the Marketers Ball came to a close, there was a bum that somehow got into the venue and started asking everyone for money. He even came up to YTCracker who was spinning in the entry room of the venue and asked him and heckled him for money. When YTCracker said no he didn’t have any money and he was djing the BUM started getting irate and YTCracker told him to get the fuck out then hilarity ensued. “Bro he don’t know who I am….”


  1. Crazy how riled up everyone got…

  2. I think the bum coulda taken him :)

  3. Scheme /


  4. hahahahah shit is too funny

  5. Hilarious. I was wondering what happened to him (YT).

  6. cheayyyyaaboiiii /

    marty’s vid from last year in the pizza shop is still the most EPIC vid from SF lol

  7. Noname /

    I just wished that Affil Marketers would take this job seriously. Come on YTCraker? WTF is that shit about?
    Saw some of his punk ass videos, raining money on the street and laughing as walkers by pick it up.

    Now about the BUM video, funny part is when he says “does he know who I am”? (DUH) This tells me how educated he really is. The man is a BUM! I’m sure he does not own a TV, let alone a PC dude. And even if he did know him, so what?
    Maybe the BUM was pissed that YT was acting like one of his homies.

    All I’m trying to say is lets put the seriousness back into Affiliate Marketing and come here because we are looking for new prospects, and close some deals, not to look at some ass clowns on stage.

    My 2 cents.

  8. Title is misleading, I thought YTcracker was kicked out of the venue before the video clarified the situation.

  9. Another No Name /

    Really Noname?

    Why even take it that serious, it’s the end of the night, I’m sure YT had a buzz and was just acting funny for the camera.

    That scene was hardly a reflection of anything to do with the industry, just a funny moment after a party with a Bum and a DJ . The bum snuck in as people were exiting, end of story

  10. kobal /

    Exactly Another No name

    Before the camera even started rolling the bum was begging myself and ytcracker for money WHILE HE WAS DJING. He then started to say how his music sucked because he wouldn’t give him any money, we asked him to leave nicely and he refused to leave. There’s more to it then you think, ytcracker isn’t just talking shit for the hell of it.

  11. Losers /

    ITT a bunch of DG losers stick up for their dear leader and savior YT Cracker when someone drops a load of reality on the situation.

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