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So I been traveling for the past two months and the short recap….

So I been traveling for the past two months and the short recap….

May 3, 2012

I been traveling the past two months all over the place for business and a little relaxation to some extent. Now I’m finally home and been catching up on some things. From my previous posts you could see that I visited Hawaii and then San Diego for the A4d Meetup that was just awesome as usual (thanks Jason and the good people at a4d for putting it on every year). I was all over the place traveling. I visited NYC, San Fran, ,Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, and Pheonix just to name a few.

When I was in nyc I had a meeting with an ad agency and was staying at the london where George Lopez was having dinner and I was able to grab a pic with him outside really cool guy, there was also some british band there from one of the got talent shows.

After there was adtech in San Fran which was a great show for me actually. I stayed at the clift and had a pretty nice suite. I met up with Rick and Nikki from h2h and talked a little biz as soon as they got in. My boy ytcracker joined in and it was a nice lunch. isn’t so much as a network as it is an agency. Nikki has been wonderful to work with and they have some very good things going on over there. They have some really good offers and Rick has been in the business for many many years. I’d also like to mention that the guys over at engage bdr have an awesome new self serve platform that they demo’d to me and have been letting me play around with. It really blows any rtb selfserve I’ve used so far out of the water. Its called First Impression and you can see it at I suggest you guys check it out.

I also sponsored the marketers/aff ball and got a special thanks to my company on the passes as well as my blog logo and company logo flown all over the concert walls. It was a nice show and I had a good time while there, Rick from over at h2h had a table and a couple bottles at the clift where I stayed in the bar downstairs which is where we headed after the aff/marketers ball.

Between adtech and vegas I visited some of my friends down in ft lauderdale and miami. I stayed at the W in ft lauderdale and was able to get some pretty nice suite upgrades cause of my spg status. While in Fl I also stayed at their condo which was down on biscayne over looking where the ultra music festival was. It was one floor below the penthouse and also had panty dropping views to say the least.

I also took a little jaunt over to vegas for a while, I did a little shopping while there, got some LV stuff and picked up a new watch. I also went to a couple shows and stayed in some pretty nice suites. I like hotel hopping, changing my surroundings and experiencing all that is vegas. I truly love it there.

While in vegas I was able to cross off one of the things on my bucket list which was to fly private. There is a company called jetsuite that has some pretty cost effective private charters. While in vegas I took a jaunt over to Pheonix and stayed at a Waldorf resort called The Boulders. I had a great time while there, relaxed a little, cooked out and got away.

After flying back to vegas I decided to go to denver to meetup with Scott Richter and the parking place crew and Kevin from xy7 was also out there for a couple days from vegas as well and it was nice to all meetup and have some drinks. One of the nights while I was there Scott grilled for a couple of us and it was pretty good not gonna lie about that. Scotts always been a good friend and has always had an overwhelming sense of hospitality whenever I’ve been to denver or met him at shows. If you aren’t sending your misc offer traffic to the parking place or picking up some of his offers at you should.

All in all it feels good to be home, the road is nice but home can sometimes be even nicer after being away for a while. Until next time.



  1. Love the Ad Hustler logo 😉

    Hope all is well brotha!

  2. Nav S /

    Good stuff man keep doing it big.

    But do yourself a favour and lay off the deepfried stuff. Your gonna kill yourself.

  3. It’s cool to see that you made it to So. Florida. I just moved there.

  4. Tom /

    Holy crap dude. Forget about making money – lose some weight. Money doesn’t matter when you don’t have good health to enjoy it.

  5. Awesome pics bro, I think a lot more people in the industry should take advantage of the freedom we have to travel and work from virtually anywhere. Nice post.

  6. Morgan /

    Actually I did lose weight on my trip, Lost close to 15lbs.

  7. Tom stop being an asshole! Morgan keep doing your thing fam! Pace you too with your gossip blog. Pace is the Geraldo Rivera of aff marketing.

  8. Ass /

    Why don’t you travel OUTSIDE of US?

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