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$70,000 in one week arbitraging traffic with

$70,000 in one week arbitraging traffic with

Nov 18, 2012

If you are reading this now when you sign up put “heavyt” in the where did you hear about us section and I’ll take care of your account. Redirect would like me to take care of some of the people I’m referring to their platform. 

Some of you have been following my fb group, facebook postings, and twitter posts regarding the screen shots of my arbitraging traffic with this platform called started by the guys over at Media Breakaway aka Cpa Empire aka

Now I been working with Scott Richter and the team over at on arbing traffic with them and have had tremendous results so far. Scott originally invited me out to Colorado to handle some other business that we work on together and before we even started talking about it he pulled me aside and said “Let me show you something”. Now he mentioned what he did with it and had done in the past. I was shocked and surprised but the numbers were there right before my eyes.

I heard about and the technology that was involved behind it. Brian, handles my account and manages all the traffic I send on a day to day basis. This dude is a trooper, works past 5pm, i can always get a hold of him by email phone or text, he’s my type of manager i look for in this business.

Now I’m sure you want to see the screens, after all I always show proof. The first screen is when I got started and just started throwing traffic at and was trying to see what stuck. The second screen shot is after I started to optimize the traffic for the highest roi possible.


Now you might be thinking is just for arbing traffic? Actually no its not arbing traffic to this service is just one aspect that can do, if you have a network and say an affiliate runs a usa offer but traffic from canada comes through or from a country you don’t have an offer for thats where comes in and makes you money. Its also good for people who have huge domain portfolios with traffic such as typo domains or popular domains that once had sites but expired.

Overall I’ve had a positive experience with and if you want to try your luck or want to make extra money with your domain portfolios or traffic on your network thats mistargetted by your affiliates sign up at and or contact Jackie on aim at breakawayjackiep.


  1. Damn thats a lot of traffic though.. puts a few ideas in my head, but imagine how much you would make if you actually did the offers and lp’s per country yourself? Redirect is just being a middleman..

  2. Where do you get traffic? From your own typo domains or expired traffic or what kind?

  3. That’s screen shot proof that your recovered and back making back on those monitors. I need to explore this for our Int offer.

  4. What traffic source were you using for this arbitrage test?

    Would love to know full story.

    Great article

  5. Thanks for the shout out :)

    Anyone need help getting started, just hit me up!

  6. Matt Walters /

    Morgan = boss

  7. Do you use traffic from your domains or buy it somewhere and send to redirect?

  8. Of course hes buying traffic – no way he had a domain(s) just sitting around getting over a million hits a day organically. Margins on this stuff have to be razor thin giving all it is is an arb to shitty email submit offers.

  9. Reza Farshbaf /

    I was doing some kind of arbitrage on my parked domains in the past using adwords/adcenter but they are not working any more. ROI is very low and doesn’t worth it.

    I am curious to know what is your major source of traffic and if it is targeted or not.

  10. Hello!

    to “redirect” traffic is actually not a “brand new idea”.
    a few companys in the monetization market are offering very similar solutions to

    the main question is just, from where to receive this huge amount of traffic. 1 million views per day is definitely huge for a single enduser account.

    anyway, if you someone is interested in such solutions, we may can help and assist. (

    happy x-mas!

  11. So, you mean you worked with and they were happy to help you break their own rules by doing arbitrage?
    B. Publishers may not generate traffic to their Publisher Website or our links by any of the following methods: listings on newsgroups, bulk e-mailing, icq postings, IM messages, chatroom/irc postings, iframes, zero pixel frames, hitbots, clickbots, spiders, cgi-scripts, JavaScript, DNS hacking, spoofing or pharming, cache poisoning, any toolbar or downloading of any computer software application (“Downloadable App”), altering an End User’s host file to point another domain to a Publisher’s domain, PTC Sites, click farms, via cell phone messages, online viral media, other online incentives, media advertising of any type, any promotion of a domain, including, but not exclusively, communications or press release with a media outlet or organization capable of public communications with the intention to create an interest or drive traffic in a domain, or any other similar method.
    (abstract from TOS)

  12. Traffic redirection is a very popular, similar to “zeroclick” in the domain parking industry.

    We sell redirected traffic since years to direct advertisers.

    i’m a bit confused about the high visitor volume in the screens.

  13. Kind of a dumb question but how many names do you have parked with

  14. InTheKnowAffiliate /

    I’ve got dollars to donuts (lol) that not only is all of this data bullshit, but someone’s getting some backend grease (also lol) for posting as many links as possible to

  15. OuMun /

    Do you need to havea portfolio of domain names, or can just have 1 and send th hell of traffic to it?
    What kind of traffic they don’t accept?

  16. From where you are getting the traffic ?

    You need at least to spend per day $1000 per day on CPM to get at least such amount

  17. What traffic source were you using for this arbitrage test?


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