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ASW13 the HeavyT Recap

ASW13 the HeavyT Recap

Jan 21, 2013

I decided to fly in Saturday morning to the conference and got in around 4pm. Since I’m living in Denver now I had to connect though phx but it was still cheaper then flying direct on frontier or united. When I got there I met up with my buddy Steve. I’ve known Steve for a while and I’m mentoring him. He has the drive and the hunger for this business and is really the only person I’ve considered mentoring.

We hopped into the limo and headed over to Caesars to check in. Unfortunately the room wasn’t ready when we got there so since the bronco’s game was on we headed to the diamond lounge for high rollers and checked our bags and ate a little and drank while watching the game. At most Harrah’s properties the diamond lounges are provided to people with diamond or seven star statuses and inside they provide free drinks and an awesome food presentation at certain times throughout the day. I got a call that the room was ready so I headed up and got settled in and finished watching the game. After the game we decided to go get something to eat. and were having a little get together over at old homestead, which is an awesome steak place in Caesars. On the way over I ran into Vito of cpatank, and who just started a new boutique network called OWN located at which pays weekly and is so exclusive you can only get in by referral or by a player in the game. After talking to Vito about what he was up to with OWN we headed over to dinner. Scott and the crew always have a good time. The dinner went really well. This was this awesome seafood platter as an appetizer that was huge and had dry ice in it, the pics below don’t do it justice it was really big. Kevin from over at xy7 was also at the dinner sharing in the fun. After dinner I decided to head over to the Louis Vuitton store to pick up some goodies for me and one of my am’s. It’s not uncommon for me to reward my managers with gifts as well as networks returning the favor. After a little light shopping I dropped the stuff off at the room and was thinking of going to PURE night club but they were asking outrageous prices for bottles, I mean its pure not marquee. I hit up one of my VIP hosts about what they were doing but by then my crew that I was rolling with decided to not go in. First a table then not a table then was going over to xs then not xs so we were tired from a long day of traveling so we just hit up the seahorse bar. I ended up seeing missy ward, and talking to Kevin from xy7 for a bit and my affiliate manager there but then decided to call it a night.

The next day was the meet market and I needed to head over to get the badges fixed that I got. I had to change some names on some and get Steve his badge. I saw a couple people on the way into the show and the day before, it had been a while and of course my ordeal with being in the hospital a lot of people expressed their concern and that their prayers were with me during that time. Walking around the market it was awesome seeing old faces and chatting to people who I hadn’t seen in a while. I ran into Shane and Rochelle from Diablo Media who are also located in Denver. I had been talking to Rochelle the night before but hadn’t had time to catch up since we were playing phone tag since she got in. I went and picked up my vip passes and confirmed my table in vip for affiliate ball the next night. It was good to see Darren, I had talked to him on the phone while I was in Australia and it was good to see him again he as well expressed the fact that I was doing well and losing weight. After the meet market I met up with Brian and Paige from envyus media and scrubkit for dinner. We went to noodle number 9 at Caesars. I wanted to go to the f5/stack that money meetup really bad but I wasn’t able to make it guys sorry. We still had some time to kill and I needed to drop off one of my watches at the forum shoppes to get worked on. One of the uboats I got, the limited edition titanium 53mm u-42 6475, needed to be fixed so I had to give it to them to get shipped off to Italy since they don’t keep repair parts on premises. So after shopping was over we went back to the room and got ready for the tip off party, the fresh ads media party, and the badger ball.

We then headed over to the palms with Brian and Paige and went up to the tip off party. It was just getting started. I ran into my account rep at valueclick and I hadn’t seen him in a long ass time. I had also talked to him while I was in Australia and it was good to see him again too. He couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost. Some of my guy friends and girl friends from Utah showed up to asw. It had been a year for some and even longer for others since they had seen me. I had to get a picture with them and we had a chance to catch up and find out what we all were doing and how life was going. My am Rochelle from Diablo Media also showed up with some of her other pubs and we chilled upstairs in the vip for a little before heading out to the badger ball together with my crew.

I must say badger ball was amazing, if you were at this party you were somebody. The bill on the booze alone for the badger ball was 25k. Then add in the painted ladies and what was formally the playboy suite and you got one hell of a party when my buddy from is djing. He’s done collabs with some up and comers in the music industry such as riff raff and others. I met a lot of old friends in the game who I go way back with, Real g’s in the industry I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years at the badger ball. If you didn’t get up to vip you should have. After the parties died down we decided to grab something to eat at the 24 hours place at the palms before heading back to the room. It wasn’t even the first day of the conference and it was off to a great start.

The next day I woke up and got dressed, had a hard time deciding what shoes to wear, threw my badge on, and hit the show floor. It was good to see everyone. I walked around the show for a bit and made sure to hit up everyone’s table. One of my am’s, Natasha, that was supposed to come out Sunday and chill with me all night had some plane trouble and made it in late the night before. Her place was supposed to get in at like 1pm. Natasha from Idriveinteractive , which is located in camp hill pa about 2 hours from where I used to live, met with me for a little bit when she had a break between cramming all her meetings from the day before into her ones that day so I could catch up with her and give her some vip passes for my table at the aff ball. We parted ways and I met up and chilled with the crew from Engage BDR who manage a lot of my media buys and First Impression their new and awesome RTB platform. After the show ended we headed back to the room to get ready for a dinner with Engage BDR and First Impression over at Blue Ribbon, the sushi place at the cosmo. Dinner was amazing; Ted and the team always show a good time. It was unfortunate that Andy wasn’t able to make it to the show but I hope he’s feeling better. I need to get out to LA at some point to visit I just can never find enough time.

After dinner we hopped in a cab and headed over to Paris for the affiliate ball. Darren always throws an awesome party. I had a huge table in the vip section with a bunch of my best buddies and friends who I do business with. Natasha from Idriveinteractive and some of her team showed up and joined me at my table with my friends. I ordered 3 bottles of goose and 2 of dom for everyone and while I was doing that my name was called and I got an affy award. I was totally surprised I got one. One of my long time buddies Justin Barr, COO of TapIt which just got acquired for 23 million stopped by to say hi (you can see us talking on one of the pics) and we talked for a bit and I congratulated him. The party rocked into the night and we ended up shutting the club down. We all stumbled out of the club and down to the lobby where I grabbed a limo for everyone. Some of us had a flight in the morning and others were hungry so we went over to cosmo for pizza at the secret pizza place. I love that place and my 100 dollar bill is still up on the wall there where I put it 2 years ago. After pizza I headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

Today was Tuesday, the 3rd day of the show. We were really lazy today and really didn’t do much till later in the evening. We had a dinner planned at STK at cosmo and I wanted to get some nice clothes to wear since I don’t really fit into anything anymore. We walked through the forum shops and I found hugo boss. Now I’ve never needed to go in here cause I was fat, I mean I was huge nothing would have fit me. I’ve gone from a 62 size suit to a 44r and a size 50 pants to a 36. That’s insane…..INSANE…. So after trying some clothes on I picked up some stuff and tried some suggestions Ronnie had and we all headed over to STK for dinner. I met up with a couple of my buddies and some emailers and robomail. We had a great dinner and decided to meet some friends after who lived in town. After dinner we headed over to the seahorse bar at Caesars and got some drinks where Tim Ash, Steve Hall, and Murry Newlands joined us. We had libations and drank until we shut the bar down at about 3am when our waitress left. We then headed back to the room and crashed.

The next day I booked an appointment at the art of shaving. I love going to this place and getting a shave. My usual girl sue wasn’t there anymore and the guy who I went to before that Joe only works 2 days a week so I got Bridget this time. After Steve and I got our shaved we walked around mandalay place a little and stopped by the peter lik gallery. He’s really an amazing photographer. I’d like to have some of his pieces in my house. After that we got something to eat at the irish pub at mandalay place called ri ra. It has awesome awesome food. After we headed over to mgm grand to see KA at the early showing. After we got some cigars and headed over to Caesars in a limo to gamble. My whole stay was comped and I had to spend some money with my host and since the whole stay was paid for I decided to gamble and I lost lol as usual. After we gambled and lost we headed back to the room and relaxed a bit before heading out to the club. There was an adult video award party at Château at paris and I hit my vip host up and got a table next to these three other tables FILLED with porn stars. Before I headed out to the club I ran into Mike Kerry from c2m and invited him out with us. We hooked up at the club and had an awesome night and shut the place down. I got to see my old vip hosts from the gallery nightclub days who I hadn’t seen in a long time. After the club we headed over to this pho place called “pho kim long” aka fuck him long lol. It had really good food but by then it was 5am and we had to get up for our flights in the morning.

This conference was and always is a good one. I love asw. you really can’t go wrong with vegas honestly. I had so many people come up to me who said they read my story about almost dying, read the blog, was glad I was doing ok and that I’m healthier and better. I had people come up to me and tell me that I was the one person who they wanted to meet at the show, I had people tell me I’m a legend and introduce me as that to their friends. I’m glad I’m back, I’m glad I’m alive, and I’m glad I have so many supportive friends in this industry. I got an award, I partied with friends, I made new ones, and I rekindled old friendships. This conference was a success, I missed everyone and I’m glad I’m still here. Till next time…..



  1. Maynzie /

    Nice to finally meet you man, don’t worry about missing the meetup. We got another one in the works in a few months time, maybe you can make that. Best wishes for the new year champ!

  2. Steve Kearney /

    What a trip and a huge eye opener for the industry I want to join! Now comes the hard work to achieve what so many in the industry have done.

    Good recap bro! Till next year

  3. Morgan /

    Nice to meet you too Maynzie I look forward to seeing you again man. Steve See ya soon man.

  4. Nice seeing you again Morgan. We’ll have to get together sometime sooner than conferences every few years…

  5. Great post! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up on Sunday. Being stuck in an airport for 14 hours is never fun. Good times on Saturday though.

  6. Was good seeing you again brother!

  7. Just wanted to say I heard, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” from HeavyT in person…and it was amazing

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