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AdTechNYC13 and the HeavyT Recap

AdTechNYC13 and the HeavyT Recap

Nov 13, 2013

So its been a while since I posted on my blog and done a conference post. Last one I posted on was ASW and I did attend ASE in Philly. But Adtech NYC 13 was a pretty good conference for me overall.

We headed out Tuesday morning to NYC for Adtech and flew first class on us airways leaving from DEN. We had a layover in Philly before heading over to LGA. After a short stint in the Us Airways Club on the new F terminal at PHL on the layover we headed to LGA and finally landed in NYC. Unfortunately even those we had priority on our bags they missed one and we had to run around the airport for the next 2 hours before finding it and heading to the city to our hotel.

After finally getting to our hotel and settling in Jason Von Felt with Dan and the crew from Exclusive CPA hit me up for dinner. It was last minute and after calling around was able to make reservations for the 10 of us at Ruth Chris. It was already getting dark and we all grouped up and headed to dinner and on the way ran into one of the guys selling comedy tickets in times square. He did a pretty good upsell, I was impressed and I couldn’t complain about the downsell and upsell, so we all decided to get tickets and attend the show. After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a quick rest after dinner before heading over to the comedy show. It was hilarious to say the least, when guys in nyc talk about doing comedy is some back room and working their way up I know what they are talking about now but the majority of the comedians were very good.

After the comedy show we parted ways and the group headed over to LeSouk and we headed to grab some street meat. It has been forever since I had Halal from the cart next to the Hilton. Yes I might have lost over 130lbs but I’m still a fat kid at heart and missed good food. After grabbing a combo plate and splitting it I headed back to the hotel and retired for the night after a long day of flying and wanted to get some rest for the show the next day.

On Wednesday I woke up and headed over to the show. I usually start at one corner of the show and start working up and down the isles and see who I run into and who I can talk to about business and even just to shoot the shit and catch up. I ran into the CPX team at the show and caught up on a few things before heading over to the site scout booth and talked to Steve. I always joke with him how I posted about the campaign I ran with them where I did 1000% roi and posted screen shots. He still gets hit up about that. Spending only 1k and doing 1000% roi is amazing and I think its the best they’ve ever had someone do on their rtb. After walking around I ran into Cat from RoboMail and caught up with her a little. I ran into her at ase and had dinner with her at asw. It was good to see her as I hadn’t talked to her in a while. They were heading to the mailer meetup that evening but it seemed too exclusive or a pitch event which I wasn’t interested in hearing.

After making my way up and down the isles some more and visiting some more booths I had a lunch meeting with Sonny and Russ from Affiliati. Sonny and Russ and I headed over to yohotel to a nice little sushi place in there. It was definitely a cool boutique hotel that I’ve seen many many times but never been inside at all. At this point in the conference I started losing my voice and I dunno why. But some nice hot tea with honey was good while Russ and Sonny and I discussed business. Funny thing is on the way out of the hotel I got a funny picture of Sonny with a character statue.

After getting back to the show I headed over to the Engage BDR booth and caught up with the whole team there and talked to Barb, Donna, Ted, Chad and Andy. I always have a fun time with those guys and miss hanging out with them. I need to get out to LA and meetup with them at some point as I’ve never visited their offices at all. We chatted for a bit and decided to meetup for dinner before heading to their party. They had to rush some place for some meetings but we parted ways and left the conference to get some rest before that evenings activities.

For dinner we met up with Ted, Donna, and Brandon at EN Japanese Brasserie. Brandon picked the place and the food was absolutely amazing. I’ve had alot of sushi in my time but the presentation and food was definitely spot on. From there we all headed out to the Engage BDR party at The Griffin. At the BDR party ted cleared a table for us and  a couple bottle of goose came while the gang tended to everyone and schmoozed the crowd. The Griffin was an amazing venue, small but tight and compact. I had a good time and partied for a bit before skipping out and heading over to the Clickbooth party. After arriving tot eh Clickbooth party I met up with Dan from Exclusive cpa who were sponsoring the party and a couple other friends aka The Link Builders who were there and hung out for a bit before deciding to skip out to Flash Dancers. After getting bottles at Flash Dancers and hanging out for a bit and talking business it was getting late and I was getting hungry again so we walked over to Rays Pizza before heading back to the hotel to retire for the night.

On Thursday it was kind of a slow day. I had a meeting with Anne and Meg from b2direct which is a mailer company. I mail and have mailed before and it was good to finally meet these two in person. One is from the advertiser side the other is an aff manager. Both are looking for solid offers and mailers if you guys are reading this. After the meeting we headed down to the show to finish wandering up and down the rows and revisit some others I missed to follow up on some things and ran into some people from Adtech India. After talking for a bit I was asked if I would like to be a speaker and do some seminars and sessions at Adtech India. I was honored and I’m highly considering it. I introduced her to a couple of friends who I thought would be a great addition for AdTech India as well. This is a great opportunity and I’m excited to possibly be going to India to speak.

After I left the conference Jason a friend was up the street from the conference. Jason has participated in alot of car rallies and acquires and sells high end cars for many affiliates. So I headed up the road to catch up and grab some food for lunch at this really cool Scottish/Irish bar. After shooting the shit for a bit my buddy Steve was coming up from PA to visit for the next two days since I hadn’t seen him for a while. I’ve sorta taken Steven on as a mentor of sorts in the Industry. After steve got in we decided to go to dinner at Tony Di Nipolis and had a great time catching up and telling old stories. I also got him to try grappa, which is like italian grain. Its strong very strong, and it’ll put hair on your chest for sure. After dinner we took a walk around Times Square on the way back to the hotel where we retired for the night.

The next day we got up and decided to do a little shopping and eating in nyc. Steve wanted to head to chopt which is an awesome salad place in NYC. They are all over I think but this is the first time I ever been to one. I was surprised to see alot of NYPD officers eating there hmmm nice substitute for donuts. After grabbing a bite to eat we rode the subway and headed up the orange line to 5th ave to go shopping. Russ and Sonny over at Affiliati was kind enough to pick up the tab on some new shoes from the Louis Vuitton store. Its getting winter time in Colorado here and the Prada and Louis Vuitton shoes I have right now are all driving shoes so I don’t really have anything for the cold or snow. After an afternoon of shopping Steve had to head back to PA and I was craving some comfort food, Chinese food warms my soul so I headed over to wo hop in china town and had dinner.

After Dinner I met up with my buddy Ricardo and Michael from 50onred for some drinks. Its been a while since I had seen Ricardo, actually it had been almost a year and a half and he hadn’t seen me since my surgery. It was good to catch up with them and talk shop. After some drinks we called it an early night since I had an early flight in the morning.

Overall again Adtech was a better show then I thought it would be and made some good connections for business. I heard mixed results from others but overall the show was very much a positive all around. Running into so many friends and business associates so many complimented me on my weight loss and how good I look. I know I’ve come a long way. Business has been good and I’m looking forward to a even more successful 2014. I was glad I could connect with the people who I haven’t seen in a while and rekindle old friendships. I look forward to a prosperous 2014, till next time….

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  1. It was great seeing you!!!

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