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This is a progression of pictures of how my desk has been setup from when I first was in college and had multi-monitors to how my office is currently setup.


  1. you never kept your room this clean when you were growing up. what changed, Oh you got married.

  2. LOL at your dad’s response

  3. I love the monitors…especially the old CRT’s..those were the bombay.

  4. Just reading your adtech updates after spotting yah on affbuzz. Great monitor headquarters.

  5. Hey Morgan! Pretty amazing…you have more stuff than I did at either of the last two server rooms at work. I suppose you have a T3 coming right into your room!

  6. Checking this page out again, I love it man.  I’m up to 3 monitors… think I may need to go more.

  7. Paul /

    Love the Dad comment. Love the set up and I wondered how long it took to get it all set up. Best of luck this year. I’m also curious what your wife thinks of your line of work and the hours it takes.

  8. love seeing the progression and th new setup.

    liked dad’s comment as well – ha ha.


  9. My setup is pretty basic compared to yours (2×27″ Samsung monitors).  How many computers do you have hooked up to all that?

  10. Morgan /

    yeah each monitor has a computer hooked up to it, I have a half rack with 1 u servers behind the wall.

  11. Dev /

    I have 2 x 22″ Moniters now and it sky rocketed my productivity.

    I think need to get another one to keep my motivated to do more work 😀

  12. HA! Look at those setups… that’s nuts, it’s like something out of Star Wars.

  13. I loved the response of DAD LMAO…

    Never seen a office like this before 😀 

  14. Hey Morgan,
    I have more monitors than you…except I have mine  in the bedroom, basement, garage, etc….all over the place!   Don’t even have dual monitors together…so sad for a techie.  Someday I may have two, we will see.  You guys should stop by and see Jordie, Linds, and the girls some time.  It would be good seeing you again.  Take care…Ric

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